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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Justice department investigating fatal police shooting of Loreal Tsingine

This bitch is barely cold and her death is already being investigated by worthless lying Lynch and her cohorts. 


Kate Steinle's family is still recoiling from how an illegal who was DEPORTED FIVE TIMES was able to shoot and kill their daughter on July 1, 2015. No investigation of the SFPD. No investigation of ICE. Everything is copasetic. Just the way it should be according to Democrats.

 Why is it in this "White House" if you're not a minority you don't count? If this isn't a travesty of JUSTICE someone tell me what fuck is!


The Justice Department will investigate the police shooting of a Native American woman in Arizona, a spokesman said on Friday, a day after footage released by the Winslow police department raised concerns about racial bias in the fatal shooting.

The department’s civil rights division will review the local investigation into the March 27 shooting death of Loreal Tsingine, spokesman Wyn Hornbuckle said.

Tsingine, 27, was shot and killed by the Winslow police officer Austin Shipley in late March after officers suspected her of shoplifting in a local store and confronted her. Silent body-camera footage, first obtained by the Arizona Daily Sun, shows a police officer trying to restrain Tsingine then shoving her to the ground and finally drawing a gun on her as she approaches him.

In the video, Tsingine gets up and walks toward Shipley with a small pair of medical scissors in her left hand, and another officer quickly approaches her from behind. Shipley draws his gun and directs it at Tsingine, and the footage is cut off before he fires the fatal shot.

Tsingine’s aunt, Floranda Dempsey, said her niece was 5ft tall and weighed 95lbs. “They should have been able to subdue her with their huge size and weight,” she said. “It wasn’t like she came at them first. I’m sure anyone would be mad if they were thrown around.” She added a question: “Where were the tasers, pepper sprays, batons?”

The family filed a $10.5m wrongful death lawsuit against the city at the beginning of the month, claiming that “the city of Winslow was negligent in hiring, training, retaining, controlling and supervising” the officer who killed Tsingine. 

Shipley’s training records show two of his fellow officers had serious concerns that he was too quick to go for his service weapon, that he ignored directives from superiors, and that he was liable to falsify reports and not control his emotions.

A day before Shipley’s training ended, nearly three years ago, a police corporal recommended that the Winslow police department not retain him.

“They were warned he was likely to hurt someone back in 2013 or so, by another commanding officer,” Floranda said. “It’s unbelievable as to why he was still allowed to wear a badge.”

Floranda said watching the video shocked her and made her angry, and that all she saw was “a bully who got angry for getting his ego squashed” by a small Native American woman.

Nationwide, Native Americans are disproportionately killed by police. Based on data from the Counted, the Guardian’s database of police killings in the US, fatal police shootings of black, white, Hispanic and Asian Americans have all gone down slightly or remained roughly the same from 2015 into 2016, but twice as many Native Americans have been killed over the same period. 

Because the number of Native Americans, relative to other racial and ethnic categories, is quite small, just a handful of incidents can dramatically change the per capita rate. Still, 13 Native American people have been killed just over halfway through 2016, more than the 10 that were killed in all of 2015.

Tsingine is one of four Native Americans killed in 2016, representing about 30% of the incidents in contrast to the rate among all racial groups, in which women represent victims in about 3% of fatal shootings. For comparison, only one Hispanic or Asian American woman has been shot and killed by police in all of 2016, even though they represent a much larger portion of the population than Native American women.

In another controversial shooting of a Native American woman this year, pregnant 32-year-old Jacqueline Salyers was killed after she allegedly drove her vehicle towards a Tacoma, Washington, police officer. Although the US justice department has repeatedly advised against officers shooting at moving vehicles, the incident was ruled justified by county prosecutors in May.

Simon Moya-Smith, an activist and Oglala-Lakota tribal member, said it was “unfortunate that Native Americans are routinely excluded from this conversation” about racialized police violence. Moya-Smith noted as an example that in her Democratic nomination acceptance speech Thursday night, Hillary Clinton did not mention systemic racialized violence or discrimination against Native Americans.

“We know that many people don’t see us as human. We’re relics of centuries of lore,” Moya-Smith said. “We first need to get the cops to recognize us as human, and hopefully then they won’t think of themselves as the judge, the jury and the executioner.”


Trump stirs outrage after he lashes out at the Muslim parents of a dead U.S. soldier

My initial impression was Trump should have kept his mouth shut.
But the fact is these two Muslim pawns were a deliberate plant. 

They were put on stage for the sole purpose of discrediting Trump’s Muslim ban from countries we don’t trust.

BTW... didn’t Kate Steinle’s mother lose a daughter to an illegal dog. Why was she absent? Because unlike the pro-Muslim rhetoric, her loss didn't fit the Democratic doctrine of promoting illegal invasion and sanctuary cities.


According to Giuliani did you know uniformed cops were banned from the DNC floor?

 They didn't want to offend the cop killing BLM who couldn't keep their big mouth shut for one minute allowing law abiding citizens a moment of silence for the fallen cops. I'm happy to report just like OWS... BLM is now an integral part of the Democratic party.


Trump to Khizr Khan: 'I've made a lot of sacrifices'

(CNN)Donald Trump rejected a Muslim lawyer's assertion on the Democratic convention stage that the Republican nominee has "sacrificed nothing and no one."
"Who wrote that? Did Hillary's script writers write it?" Trump said in an interview with with ABC News' George Stephanopoulos that will air Sunday. "I think I've made a lot of sacrifices. I work very, very hard."

Khizr Khan, whose son Army Capt. Humayun Khan died in Baghdad in 2004, delivered one of the most powerful speeches of the Democratic National Convention. With his wife Ghazala at his side, Khan repeatedly blasted Trump's immigration proposals -- specifically those aimed at barring Muslims -- and said the billionaire businessman has "sacrificed nothing and no one."

Trump, in the ABC interview, said in response, "I've created thousands and thousands of jobs, tens of thousands of jobs, built great structures. I've had tremendous success. I think I've done a lot."

Khan "was, you know, very emotional and probably looked like a nice guy to me," Trump added.

Trump, in a statement released Saturday by his campaign, called Capt. Khan "a hero to our country and we should honor all who have made the ultimate sacrifice to keep our country safe."

He argued that the "radical Islamist terrorists who killed him and the attempts by such people to enter the United States and "do us further harm" represent the "real problem."

During his appearance at the Democratic National convention, Khizr Khan held up a copy of the U.S. Consitution and asked Trump if he has ever read it.

"I will gladly lend you my copy. In this document, look for the words, look for the words, liberty and equal protection (under) law," Khizr Khan said.

In his statement, Trump took sharp offense, saying that "while I feel deeply for the loss of his son, Mr. Khan who has never met me, has no right to stand in front of millions of people and claim I have never read the Constitution, (which is false) and say many other inaccurate things."

Clinton early Saturday evening issued a statement coming to Khan's defense. 

"I was very moved to see Ghazala Khan stand bravely and with dignity in support of her son on Thursday night. And I was very moved to hear her speak last night, bravely and with dignity, about her son's life and the ultimate sacrifice he made for his country.

"This is a time for all Americans to stand with the Khans, and with all the families whose children have died in service to our country. And this is a time to honor the sacrifice of Captain Khan and all the fallen. Captain Khan and his family represent the best of America, and we salute them."

At a Clinton campaign appearance in Pennsylvania, lines about the Khan family were visible on a teleprompter, but she did not deliver them. Inquiries to the Clinton campaign about why went unanswered.

Still, a senior spokeswoman for the Clinton campaign, Karen Finney, took a sharper tone against Trump. 

"Trump is truly shameless to attack the family of an American hero. Many thanks to the Khan family for your sacrifice, we stand with you," tweeted Karen Finney, a senior spokeswoman for the Clinton campaign.

By Saturday afternoon Trump's comparison of his own sacrifices to Khan's had blown up to blew on Twitter into a hashtag, #TrumpSacrifices. Users wrote satirically that the candidate had, among other things, been subjected to such hardships as flying commercial, playing golf on a public course and staying at a three-star hotel.

Trump previously responded more obliquely to Khan's convention remarks, in a lightning-round interview with New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd. 

"I'd like to hear his wife say something," Trump said. 
In a Friday evening interview on MSNBC, Ghazala Khan spoke briefly about her final interaction with her son, on Mother's Day 2004, wishing him safety while serving in Iraq.

In the New York Times interview, Trump also opined on a range of Democratic convention speakers. He was sharply critical of former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, an independent who threw his support behind Hillary Clinton and spoke to the Democratic convention. Trump called Bloomberg "a guy who didn't have the guts to run for president."

"He doesn't know anything about me," Trump said. "But he never had the guts to run. He probably wished he did but he didn't. He spent millions of dollars on polling but he was missing one thing: guts."

The two have been exchanging barbs this week after Bloomberg, who once considered entering the 2016 race as an independent, endorsed Clinton over Trump last weekend, then blasted Trump as a "dangerous demagogue" in Philadelphia.


New York Post nails it on Hillary convention speech

On a tip from Ed Kilbane


Saturday, July 30, 2016

Tired of the lies

Video 271


Armani Jacket

This posting is not to criticize Killary for giving a speech on
income inequality while wearing a $12,500.00 Armani jacket.

It is being posted to congratulate Armani for being
able to sell a potato sack with sleeves for $12,500.00.


Computer Systems Used by Clinton Campaign Are Said to Be Hacked, Apparently by Russians

The Clintons wear their scandals like another appendage and the hackers are trying to bite it off. 

Killary's defense....

She does have a point.
Hey Comey...she does have a point!


A computer system used by Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign was hacked, a spokesman for the Democratic nominee said Friday. 

Nick Merrill said in a statement that the cyber breach was part of a larger hack attack on the Democratic National Committee (DNC) that was made public earlier this week.

The violation concerned a DNC analytics data program used by the Clinton campaign and "a number of other entities," Merrill said. He added that security experts hired by the campaign had found "no evidence" that the campaign's own internal systems were compromised.

However, such third-party, connected systems represent appealing options for hackers searching for less-protected routes to attack an organization.

Sources familiar with the incident confirmed to Fox News that the FBI is investigating the breach as well as another cyberattack on the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC).

The investigation was first reported by Reuters, which said that the Justice Department's national security division was investigating whether the cyberattacks threatened the U.S. 

An FBI statement did not mention the Clinton campaign specifically, but said it was aware of reporting "on cyber intrusions involving multiple political entities, and is working to determine the accuracy, nature, and scope of these matters."

It is not clear what types of data the DNC service was analyzing, but partnerships with modern e-commerce companies can allow sophisticated tracking, categorization, and identification of website visitors. This can help organizations tailor their online content, advertising, and solicitations to be more effective.

The report that Clinton's campaign was hacked comes the same day that the cyberattack on the DCCC, which raises money for Democratic congressional candidates, was made public. Sources told Fox News Friday that the DCCC hack bears similarities to the breach of DNC files.

President Barack Obama has said Russia was almost certainly responsible for the DNC hack, an assertion with which cybersecurity experts have agreed.

Two private cybersecurity firms have said they found evidence pointing to Russian government involvement in the DNC hack when they analyzed the hackers' methods and efforts to distribute the stolen emails and other files. The hacker groups, identified as Cozy Bear and Fancy Bear, used different but sophisticated techniques to break into the DNC and try to avoid detection. Most of the DNC emails appeared to have been stolen May 25.

The DNC breach led to the leak of 19,000 internal emails by WikiLeaks that appeared to show a pro-Clinton bias in the organization -- and, in turn, led to DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz stepping down ahead of this week's Democratic National Convention.

The hack of the DCCC’s web server allowed the hackers to create and redirect traffic to a fake donations page, made to look and feel authentic, sources said. From there, hackers were able to capture all data entered on the page. Sources said the objective behind the hack is not clear, though it could be to harvest data on Democratic donors and supporters.

Additionally, Fox News has obtained an analysis of the DCCC hack from private sector cybersecurity firm FireEye that suggests the intrusion was carried out by a Russian-government aligned hacking group dubbed "Tsar Team (APT28)."

In its research, FireEye notes it previously confirmed that malware analyzed from the DNC hack was also consistent with "Tsar Team", which has been implicated by FireEye in numerous cyberattacks aimed at foreign targets on behalf of the Russian government in the past.

Computer hacking, emails, and indications of Russian involvement have evolved into a political issue in the presidential campaign between Clinton and Republican candidate Donald Trump.

This week, Trump encouraged Russia to seek and release more than 30,000 other missing emails deleted by Clinton, the former secretary of state. Democrats accused him of trying to get a foreign adversary to conduct espionage that could affect this November's elections, but Trump later said he was merely being sarcastic.

Clinton deleted the emails from her private server, saying they were private, before handing other messages over to the State Department. The Justice Department declined to prosecute Clinton over her email practices, though FBI Director James Comey called her "extremely careless" in handling classified information.


Friday, July 29, 2016

If I was a Clinton adviser at the DNC...

Whatever you say do not use the word blow...

Video 270

For the entire rest of the speech, I envisioned her father playing Chugga Chugga Bang Bang with Monica.


Guns and religion revisited

Proving what hypocritical backstabbing liars they truly are.

(Sounds like we may have heard this before)

Video 268

Republican voter.

Owns Johnson Plumbing Co. Employs 27 people and has a net worth of $4.6 million. Never went to college. Loves to hunt and fish and attends mass every Sunday at St. Mary's.

Democrat voter.

As was her mother and her mother before her that in the imaginary belief they better off now then they were 2o years ago. They blindly vote Democrat never fully understanding the insidious nature of the Democratic party rewarding bad behavior using taxpayer dollars to keep them on the plantation.


Video 269


They're such hypocritical backstabbing liars it makes me want to...


Thursday, July 28, 2016

VA spent $20M on art as ailing veterans languished, report finds

Trump spoke before a group of Vets a couple of days ago. They chanted "Lock Her Up" over and over. 

If you work for the VA and wanted to maintain the status quo, totally unconcerned about losing your job, would you vote for Killary or Trump?

After one disaster after another Barry finally has the solution.


Whoever approved this should be in jail!

The Veterans Affairs administration spent $20 million on expensive artwork and sculptures amidst the healthcare scandal, where thousands of veterans died waiting to see doctors.

The taxpayer watchdog group Open the Books teamed up with COX Media Washington, D.C., for an oversight report on spending at the VA, finding numerous frivolous expenditures on artwork, including six-figure dollar sculptures at facilities for the blind.

“In the now-infamous VA scandal of 2012-2015, the nation was appalled to learn that 1,000 veterans died while waiting to see a doctor,” wrote Adam Andrzejewski, the founder and CEO of Open the Books, in an editorial for Forbes. “Tragically, many calls to the suicide assistance hotline were answered by voicemail. The health claim appeals process was known as ‘the hamster wheel’ and the appointment books were cooked in seven of every ten clinics.”

“Yet, in the midst of these horrific failings the VA managed to spend $20 million on high-end art over the last ten years—with $16 million spent during the Obama years,” Andrzejewski said.

The VA spent $21,000 for a 27 foot fake Christmas tree; $32,000 for 62 “local image” pictures for the San Francisco VA; and $115,600 for “art consultants” for the Palo Alto facility.

A “rock sculpture” cost taxpayers $482,960, and more than a half a million dollars were spent for sculptures for veterans that could not see them.

“In an ironic vignette, at a healthcare facility dedicated to serving blind veterans—the new Palo Alto Polytrauma and Blind Rehabilitation Center—the agency wasted $670,000 on two sculptures no blind veteran can even see,” Andrzejewski said. “The ‘Helmick Sculpture’ cost $385,000 (2014) and a parking garage exterior wall façade by King Ray Studio for the ‘design, fabrication, and installation of the public artwork’ cost $285,000 (2014).”

“Blind veterans can’t see fancy sculptures, and all veterans would be happier if they could just see a doctor,” he said.


Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Bill Clinton at DNC chronicles his life with Hillary year- by- year

But conveniently leaves out 1998:

Why? Let's check the boxes.

 I never had sex...

The cum stained dress...

Hey, why bother with trivialities?

The Smithsonian turned down Monica's blue dress. Guess they're incapable of visualizing the historical significance. 
Why? Is it because he's not a Republican... so it has no relevance?


Killary's new campaign logo after the DNC



Watch it here: 

Wonder if Comey watched this documentary? If he did was he thinking... “No reasonable prosecutor would bring a case?" Perhaps we should start looking for unreasonable prosecutors! You would have to be deaf, dumb, and blind not to believe the Clinton's are on the take... covering a massive scale. They should be behind bars on so many levels. Treason the central crime, in particular, the Russian uranium scam. As the author states, you can't pass this off as a series of coincidences. There is an undeniable pattern here. This runs true to form with another strange "coincidence" which took place at the Phoneix AZ airport a little while ago.

Some of you may think this is just another conservative doing a hatchet job on the Clintons. Case in point. Haiti. Just open your eyes. The earthquake took place in 2010. They received over $13 billion in donations. Fast forward to 2016 and the country looks almost the same as the day of the earthquake! Google it yourself. What happened to the money? 

This movie should be mandatory viewing for every voter. Of course, 95% of the libs who watched would probably still vote for her which confirms the proverb... we deserve what we get.  

How far will the Clintons go?
It does make one revisit the Vince Foster case.


We all know politicians are cutthroats and backstabbers not to mention liars

And these are two of the best.

On a tip from Ed Kilbane

Michelle my belle 2008 vs 2016 on her dog candidate Killary.

Video 266

Pocahontas 2004 vs 2016

Video 267


Freddie Gray case: Charges dropped against remaining officers

Think an apology is in order? Don't hold your breath.

Meanwhile...Freddie Gray's family got a $6.4 million dollar payday.

What do you think these officers are going to get?


Baltimore (CNN)Prosecutors are dropping charges against the three remaining Baltimore police officers who were facing trial in connection with Freddie Gray's death.

Six officers were charged after the April 2015 death of Gray, a 25-year-old who sustained a neck injury while in police custody. Three of them had already been acquitted.

A pretrial hearing for Officer Garrett Miller had been set for Wednesday. Trials for Officers Alicia White and William Porter had been scheduled for the fall. 

Baltimore Chief Deputy State's Attorney Michael Schatzow made the request to drop charges against them in court Wednesday.
Three officers were acquitted in the case: Edward Nero, a bike officer involved in the initial police encounter with Gray; Caesar Goodson, who drove the van that transported Gray; and Lt. Brian Rice, the highest-ranking officer charged in connection with Gray's death.
A retrial against Porter had been scheduled after a jury deadlocked in the case against him in December.

The death of Gray, who was black, ignited a wave of protests as debate surged nationwide over whether police use excessive force, particularly against African-Americans.
The announcement that charges against the three officers would be dropped comes more than a year after Baltimore State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby announced the officers would be charged. Her statements drew praise from some who admired how swiftly she took on the case, and criticism from others who said there wasn't enough evidence to convict the officers.