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Monday, October 31, 2016

Clinton aide Abedin told FBI she didn't know emails were on laptop

She didn't know?

Let’s cut through the bullshit. Clinton is guilty of: 

1. Mishandling Classified Information

2. Violating The 2009 Federal Records Act

3. In Violation of the Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA)

Clinton had a private server for one reason and one reason only. (“I wanted to use only one device” was put to bed by Comey). The truth is she wanted to exempt herself from The Freedom of Information Act. Killary, being a crook, knew she never wanted her emails made public exposed (The CF, Benghazi, Russian uranium, foreign donors pay to play, etc) so she set up a private server to defy the Freedom of Information Act and thereby the law. 

Would you have expected anything less from a Clinton?

BTW…You mean to tell me in this whole email investigation the FBI didn’t go into Clinton’s closest confidant Abedin’s laptop until now!?! 

How could you watch this and vote to put the Clinton's back into the WH?


Long time aide has told the FBI she was not aware any of her emails were on the laptop investigators seized as part of their investigation into Abedin's estranged husband, . 

The FBI engaged in a back and forth over the weekend with Abedin or her attorney, when Abedin explained the situation. 

"She says she didn't know they were there," a source familiar with the investigation said. 

After obtaining a warrant to examine the data over the weekend, the FBI is now filtering the emails using a software program that will separate out any emails that investigators have not seen before. Those will be kept in a separate file and will be examined by FBI agents to see if they contain classified material or information relevant to the Clinton probe.

It is not clear what FBI Director will do with the information once the FBI obtains it. Standard practice is for the FBI not to comment on investigations — but this is not a standard situation. "We're in uncharted territory," the source said. 

It is possible that Comey could indicate publicly what the FBI finds before Election Day next week, but that decision has not been made yet. 

There are a number of scenarios that would explain how the emails got onto the laptop without Abedin's knowledge, including that they were somehow automatically backed up from the cloud. But investigators will want to know how this happened and if there is any indication that Abedin misled them about the existence of emails. 

It is a large project. Agents determined there were as many as 650,000 emails on the laptop, dating back years. The number of emails related to the Clinton investigation is likely to be much smaller.


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