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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Schneider forgot to genuflect

Rob Schneider is accused of 'whitesplaining' Martin Luther King Day in tweet to John Lewis after the civil rights hero's feud with Trump

Evidently, Schneider didn’t know Mr. Civil Rights is incapable of any wrongdoing. He knows all, sees all, is all. To question the man’s integrity is tantamount to Blasphemy. Harken back to 2008. Hillary’s ties with Lewis go back many years and she knew she could count on him…until Lewis found out Barry was running and threw her under the bus. Lewis judged by the color of their skin, but not by the content of their character. Because neither one has any. 

BTW...His holiness didn't show up at the Bush 43 inaugural either. Guess what the reason was..."he doesn't believe Bush was the true elected president."


Comedian Rob Schneider came under fire Monday for attempting to explain Martin Luther King Jr's legacy to Representative and revered civil rights activist John Lewis.

Many thought Schneider's tweet (pictured) was inappropriate, especially coming from a white man to Lewis, who helped organize the March On Washington

(My God, he should have been drawn and quartered!)

President-elect Donald Trump launched his own attack on Lewis last week, calling him 'all talk' and 'no action' and accusing him of not focusing on 'the burning and crime infested inner cities.

Schneider used to be a Democrat but became a Republican in 2013, saying he was disappointed by Democrats' performance in California.

His Monday tweet to Lewis was met by outrage and a good amount of ridicule.

I found out everything turned out okay. Schneider is half Jewish and half Catholic. He received a special dispensation from both Rabbi Goldstein and Father O'Flannery.


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