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Monday, January 16, 2017

What does Trump, John Lewis, and Michael Symon have in common?

I'll tell you.

Remember the RNC was held in Cleveland right? Michael Symon who owns a slew of restaurants (in particular Lola Bistro where he took a picture with my wife) had this to say about Trump.

There wasn't a whimper from the MSM. Nothing from the Hollywood elite. They kept their big liberal mouth shut signifying their tacit approval. At that time Trump was hated, still is, he's white, a Republican, therefore it is perfectly acceptable.

Now suppose the Iron-Head chef said this!

There would be protesters galore picketing his restaurants. At Lola the signs would read...

Eat at Lola
Get Ebola

His contract with 'The Chew' and 'Food Network' would be torn up. Don't believe me, ask Paula Deen.

First, they tried to chastise Trump for not accepting the election results. When Trump won (it just possibly couldn't happen) loser Jill Stein wanted a recount for another loser. When that didn't work Hollywood and their flock tried to dissuade the Electoral College from casting their vote for Trump. Meanwhile, Barbara Boxer was hard at work concocting a bill to do away with the Electoral College. When the final Electoral College vote came in Trump lost two Clinton lost 5. Foiled again. Their final straw. But wait a minute, the Russians rigged the election! 

So now what? Mr. Civil Rights John Lewis proclaims Trump, duly elected, is an illegitimate president.

Zilch happens.

Trump goes on the attack. Gets tons of backlash. Reading some of the Tweets he's tantamount to James Earl Ray. Lewis calls a Trump presidency illegitimate and gets away it! Why? Because his 'safe place' is in the arms of liberals and idiots like Bill Kristol to protect him from Trump. Lewis can say whatever he wants. He owns the black crutch. The race card.   

And we're stupid enough to allow it to happen.


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