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Friday, June 9, 2017

Move over Reality we got another Winner

FBI policy on leaks:

Bear in mind this pertains to ANY leak.

"Violations of this employment agreement may constitute cause for revocation of my security clearance, subject me to criminal sanction, disciplinary action by the FBI, including dismissal, and subject me to personal liability in a civil action at law, including but not limited to injunctive relief, the imposition of a constructive trust, and the disgorging of any profits arising from any unauthorized publication or disclosure. In that regard, I hereby irrevocably assign all rights, title, and interests in any such profits to the United States" 

Comey admits he leaked information that would hurt Trump through his friend a Columbia professor probably the same one who has Barry’s transcripts. What else as he leaked? Lynch calls Comey to say don’t call the Clinton investigation, an investigation call it a ‘matter’. But that’s not election tampering! Later she meets Bill on the tarmac to talk about grandchildren and golf… the name Hillary was never mentioned.

And Trump is the TARGET of this investigation!!!

Check this out. Abrams tries to tie Trump to Nixon. A better analogy would have been Barry's use of executive privilege to let Holder off the hook for getting to border patrol agents killed and countless Mexicans. A clear-out-and-out crime to cover another crime. And what happened to Barry jack shit. 

Video 354

Did you notice? He keeps dying his rug as he ages.


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