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Monday, June 5, 2017

When you allow this to occur the reward for stupidity is death

The terrorist, who MailOnline is not naming, left, appeared in a documentary which aired last year focusing on jihadis in Britain

They call him a terrorist and won't name him? What are they afraid of? They named the Manchester killer. Lawsuit...they could have said 'alleged'.

An Islamic flag was unfurled in Regent's Park in broad daylight during the filming of the Channel 4 documentary last year

So it was important enough to make a documentary but not an arrest? This is not a freedom of speech issue it's an act of war issue. 7 people are dead because a documentary was more important and the consequences of real life passed them by. 

A group of men on their knees facing the flag which was unfurled in the middle of Regent's Park as people walked around on a sunny day

It boggles the mind. Where were the local authorities when this was taking place?
Truly unbelievable!

"Well, time to pack up and go home and do what we promised."

Death To The Infidels


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