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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Trump Jr

On a tip from Ed Kilbane

If the Russian lawyer approached the Clinton campaign and said we have dirt on Trump. I'm sure their response would have been...Oh please.. don't try to give us any dirt on Donald J. Trump we would never sink that low we have high ethical standards.

 Junior's story is a blockbuster for the MSM. Meanwhile, Killary's email scandal, the unlawful involvement of Barry, Lynch, and Bill, trying to 'fix' the guilty is tantamount to rigging an election. Of course, that is swept under the rug.

Trump will never be accepted by the left as president. First, they tried to kill him off with a recall vote. It didn't work. Then the Electoral College was attacked because Killary won the popular vote. Boxer even called for putting an end to the "antiquated" Electoral College. That didn't work either. So now they put their saddle on a horse called Russian Collusion and if it wasn't that it would be...with all Trump's money in the highest position in the land that is definitely a conflict of interest and he should be impeached.  

Just kidding they already said that.


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