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Friday, August 4, 2017

They Make Me Sick

If you recall I was begging Republicans (who owned the House and Senate) for years to appoint a Special Prosecutor for Barry’s myriad of scandals... F&F, IRS, Black Panther voter intimidation, Solyndra, just to name a few. What happened? Nothing! Here we are only 8 fucking months into the Trump administration and we already have Special Prosecutor Mueller and uncover TeaPartier destroyer (Watch this exchange between him and Jim Jordan… tell me HE HAS ANY FUCKING INTEREST in getting to the bottom of the IRS investigation! And what do we have now? Mueller (Comey’s trusted friend) and a whole crew of Hillary supporters (his staff) chomping at the bit to nail Trump. Think he'll put more 'gusto' into investigating Trump than he did in the IRS investigation? Amazing the WH and both houses owned by Republicans and they sit back and allow this to happen? Meanwhile, Republicans can't  smell red meat! Right under their noses...

The Clinton emails
The Clinton Foundation
Selling uranium to Russia
The 'accidental' meeting on the tarmac 
Lynch..."Don't call it an investigation call it a matter" line 

And we voted for these bastards! 


Imagine if you will, sometime in the near future, the IRS was caught targeting liberal groups based solely on their political beliefs. Do you believe the end result would be the same for Trump as it was for Barry and his accomplices?


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