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Monday, July 11, 2011

What would Jesus do?

Censured Veteran Democratic Rep. Charlie Rangel made an impassioned plea to religious leaders Friday, calling on them to lobby members of Congress and the Obama administration to remember the "lesser of my brothers and sisters" (who could be less then him?) during this weekend's debt negotiations.

With the national debt at over 14 trillion and taking up most of Congress’s summer efforts, Censured Rep. Charlie Rangel made a special plea to his colleagues that, in voting on whether to raise the debt ceiling, they consider how Jesus would vote: “What would Jesus do this weekend?” 

It's funny how liberals have a general distain for God.
Unless they can use God to advance their agenda.

Come Christmas he and his liberal comrades will bash the Nativity scene at the local church!


Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Obama Legacy

On a tip from Keith Grant

Be sure the sound is turned up. The music is good, too.


Thursday, July 7, 2011

Aftermath of the Casey Anthony trial

Multiple choice test

 Tragically your child supposedly drowns in the family pool. What should you do?

A. Don't call the police. Wrap the child in plastic bags, don't forget to duct tape the nose and mouth, and drop it in the woods and say your father did it.

B. Go get a tattoo

C. Shortly thereafter make an entry in your dairy "This is the happiest that I have been in a very long time."

D. All of the above


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

True stories...all but one

On June 24, 1967,  OJ Simpson married Marguerite L. Whitley. In August 1979, Aaren their daughter drowned in the family's swimming pool a month before her second birthday. OJ at the time, had no criminal record and they sadly went about reporting it to the authorities.

On August 9, 1999, William Shatner returned home around 10 p.m. to discover his wife's body at the bottom of their back yard swimming pool. She was 40 years old. He reported her death to the authorities. Shatner has no criminal record. An autopsy detected alcohol and Valium in her blood, the coroner ruled the cause of her death as an accidental drowning. 

On June 16, 2008 two year old Caylee Anthony supposedly drowns in the family pool. Her grandfather is a former cop. Her mother Casey has no criminal record. On 12-11-2008 almost six months later, the child is found wrapped up in plastic bags (mouth and nose covered with duct tape) thrown in a laundry bag and then unceremoniously dumped in a wooded swamp. If she drowned in the pool why is her nose and mouth covered in duct tape?

Moral of the story:

If you have a smart enough attorney and a dumb enough jury you can get away with murder.

Casey Anthony displaying her newly acquired tattoo.

"Bella Vita" means "beautiful life" in Italian. Anthony got the tattoo while her daughter Caylee was still "missing".

Geraldo...don't all grieving mothers do that?

Five days after Caylee went missing Anthony entered this in her diary.

"I have no regrets, just a bit worried. I just want for everything to work out ok. I completely trust my own judgment. I know that I made the right decision. I just hope that the end justifies the means. I just want to know what the future will hold for me. I guess I will soon see."

The handwritten diary continues, "This is the happiest that I have been in a very long time." 

(Does this sound like a grieving mother or a conniving bitch trying to get away with murder?)


November 2012. Someone at the household typed in Google search box "Foolproof Suffocation" the day Caylee died. The defense knew about it, the prosecution did not. 

Prosecutors never learned about the search because the Orange County Sheriff’s Office didn't know the search existed, even though the department had possession of the family's computer. Instead, the sheriff's office gave prosecutors a spreadsheet with less than 2 percent of the computer’s Internet activity that day.

"There was an oversight,” sheriff’s Capt. Angelo Nieves told the station. “This has been a learning experience for investigators as well.”

Justice will be served Caylee.

Just not on this earth.


Friday, July 1, 2011

How better to describe hot air?

On a tip from Ed Kilbane