Thursday, October 30, 2014

Sweden recognizes state of Palestine

This is so like them.

Sweden during World War II maintained a policy of neutrality. Had Hitler won the war I'm sure he would have respected it and not invade their country.

Now they have gone from neutrality to capitulation in an attempt to stop Muslims from terrorizing its citizens. 

(Who said Swedes don't have a backbone?)

Here they are burning the flag of the country they decided to move to. 

(The Muslim MO in every country stupid enough to allow them entry) these bastards ever work?

A Palestinian stands behind a 66m-long flag bearing 25,000 signatures that flew from Canada to Ramallah on October 28, 2014.

(CNN) -- Sweden recognized a state of Palestine on Thursday, describing the decision as a crucial step it hopes will lead the way for others.

"In the light of the international law analysis, we see no reason to delay this decision," Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom said.

She said the decision was made based on the fact that the state "met the criteria of international law."

And not recognizing it, she said, would be wrong.

"There is a territory of people and a government. Not to recognize Palestine because of the occupation would be against the principle of international law about no fruits of aggression," Wallstrom said.


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

This is intriguing

'The GOVERNMENT was behind my laptop hack': Former CBS reporter claims classified documents and spyware were planted on her computer by an official agency

(Hacking, hard drive cleaning, this is right up Barry's alley. Either O'Donnell or Rhodes called the WH and said…I think we got a traitor in our ranks.)

1.  Sharyl Attkisson claimed that her laptop was breached in 2012

2.  An outside source with a government agency confirmed the breach, and said hackers planted spyware and classified documents 

3.  Attkisson's new book, Stonewalled, details the hack along with ways the Obama administration harassed her during reporting 

4.  She also blames CBS for being willing to kill stories that were critical of government or controversial

5.  A conflict of interest with CBS President David Rhodes, whose brother is part of the Obama administration, also complicated reporting 

(It's not complicated. They do what they have to do to protect Barry)

Look at point 5 again. Talk about a conflict of interest!

Yep this is brother Ben.

From Wikipedia:

Benjamin J. Rhodes (born 1977) is the current deputy national security adviser for strategic communication for U.S. President Barack Obama. 

If I'm not mistaken he was the same guy who came up with "it was the video" in the Benghazi debacle…you know.. "strategic communication". Now we know unequivocally why it was never investigated by CBS and why Attkisson took the fall. Get's you to wondering how many cozy connections the other networks have operating in the WH.


By Pete D'amato for MailOnline

Published: 20:39 EST, 27 October 2014 | Updated: 02:50 EST, 28 October 2014

A former CBS reporter claims that a 'government-related agency' hacked her laptop and planted spyware and classified documents in a new book.

Sharyl Attkisson, who was with CBS, says an outside source with a government agency confirmed the breach and discovered the documents hidden in her computer.

The New York Post reports that an 'otherwise innocuous email' landed in Attkisson's inbox in early 2012 that was loaded with spyware.

Stonewalled: Ex-CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson says that she encountered obstacles from the Obama administration and her own colleagues while reporting

She made the discovery after she later met with an unnamed source at a McDonald's, who was 'connected to government three-letter agencies,' and passed off the computer.

She claims the second time she met her source, he gave her a run down of everything the government had planted on her computer, including keylogging software.

'The intruders discovered my Skype account handle, stole the password, activated the audio, and made heavy use of it, presumably as a listening tool,' she writes in her book.

'This is outrageous. Worse than anything Nixon ever did. I wouldn't have believed something like this could happen in the United States of America,' she says the source told her.

Worse, and in some ways stranger, she claims the source found three classified documents 'buried deep' her operating system where most users would not have known to access.

'They probably planted them to be able to accuse you of having classified documents if they ever needed to do that at some point,' the source said, according to Attkisson. 

Novel: Her revelations claim to show there is a liberal bias in the news media as a whole that excuses the Obama administration
(This is like saving money with Geico. Everybody knows that)

CBS had confirmed that Attkisson's laptop was hacked back in 2013, when it announced an unnamed cybersecurity firm had conducted a forensic analysis of the computer.

'Attkisson's computer was accessed by an unauthorized, external, unknown party on multiple occasions in late 2012,' the network said.

'While no malicious code was found, forensic analysis revealed an intruder had executed commands that appeared to involve search and exfiltration of data.' 

'This party also used sophisticated methods to remove all possible indications of unauthorized activity, and alter system times to cause further confusion,' the announcement stated. 

The reporter also claimed to have recorded video of documents being edited in front of her eyes, but this is the first time anyone involved has tied the breach to a specific individual or entity.

Attkisson, who is now senior independent contributor for The Daily Signal, a media channel for conservative think tank Heritage Foundation, frames her book around this hacking attempt. 

In it, she also says that her employer, CBS News, would kill stories or direct her away from lines of reporting critical of the Obama administration. 

Attkisson writes a colleague told her that one executive wanted stories about failing green energy companies on the CBS Evening News, but then-executive producer Pat Shevlin did not agree.

When told that the stories would be 'pretty significant,' Shevlin retorted, 'What's the matter, don't you support green energy?'

Atkisson also claims one of her superiors made it a rule to explicitly label conservatives as such, but that liberals and left-wing analysts were not called out.

Apparently saving the details for the book, Attkisson says a conservative analyst who was far afield of her boss's personal views would be labeled 'right wing' in scripts.

Another issue Attkisson points out is that CBS President David Rhodes has a glaring conflict of interest with the Obama administration, as his brother Ben is Deputy National Security Adviser for Strategic Communications.

Nasty emails to Ben and David would apparently be sent when the network aired something distasteful to the administration, according to Attkisson.

CBS reporters have still gone after the Obama administration in the past — a 60 Minutes report from Lara Logan about the unpreparedness of consular security in Benghazi retracted after its primary source was determined to be a fraud.

For Attkisson though, the digging was too little too late, and she left the network in 2014, unsatisfied with what she saw as liberal excuses for the administration's actions.


Monday, October 27, 2014

A Democrat in sheep's clothing

Just another liberal scam. 

Kansas Midterm election:

Orman "the independent" is trying to ditch Barry and Reid (the Democratic trend lately) in an attempt to fool the electorate… then will vote right with them if he's elected. This is all about deception and the people in Kansas better wake up. Losing this seat could be crucial if Republicans hope to take the Senate. Soros's son is backing this guy. This is all one need's to know as to who he's going to caucus with if elected. 

Pat Roberts said, "I have never known the Soros family to endorse independents. They endorse liberal Democrats and so does the AFL-CIO."

Can't argue with that. 


Soros fundraiser being held for 'independent' Kansas Senate candidate Greg Orman

Article by:

There are some serious people, including the normally insightful Pat Caddell, who see Greg Orman as a breath of fresh air, a truly independent man who will take us beyond the dysfunction of the current two parties. Enough Kansas voters tell pollsters they are supporting him that he may win.

But others (including me) see him as a faux independent. The Democratic Party persuaded its own candidate top step aside, in order to concentrate anti-Pat Roberts sentiment behind Orman. That's pretty persuasive in itself. But now comes further evidence that big money insiders don't believe that Orman is anything other than a reliable source of support for the progressive agenda. The Washington Free Beacon reports:

Jonathan Soros, son of billionaire Democratic donor George Soros, will host a New York City fundraiser this week for Orman, who is running as an independent candidate, according to an invitation obtained by America Rising.

Though he is less famous than his billionaire father, the ACORN has not fallen far from the tree:

In addition to the $3.7 million the younger Soros has donated to Democratic candidates, committees, and interest groups, Jonathan is a highly active member of the secretive Democracy Alliance, a hub of Democratic fundraising.

The fundraising consultancy managing the event, the Katz Watson Group, represents a who's-who of Democratic organizations and individuals, including the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and the Hillary Clinton for President Exploratory Committee.


Thursday, October 23, 2014

This just screams SPECIAL PROSECUTOR!

Look for this to be the lead story tonight on ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, and CNN tonight.


Obama Asks Judge To Hide Emails To Attorney General Holder's Wife

(When they sent the hard drives to the "cleaners" they forgot his)

President Barack Obama is asking a judge to keep secret the contents of emails apparently sent between Attorney General Eric Holder and his wife.

The request is part of Obama's three-year stonewall against Judicial Watch's inquiry into the Operation Fast and Furious"scandal, during which the Department of Justice watched while military-style weapons were bought in the United States and smuggled to Mexican drug gangs. The scandal went public once one of Obama's employees — a U.S. border guard — was killed by a criminal using one of the smuggled guns.

Late Oct. 22, moments before a judicial deadline, the White House sent the judge a 1,307-page list of 15,662 Fast and Furious documents that it wants to keep hidden from Judicial Watch and the public.

The list includes almost 20 emails between Attorney General Eric Holder and his wife, Sharon Malone.

Malone is not a government official, and so communications with her are not shielded by the "executive privilege" rules that keep internal White House documents secret.

"Americans will be astonished that Obama asserted executive privilege over Eric Holder's emails to his wife about Fast and Furious," said a Thursday statement from Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton.

"Obama's executive privilege claims over these records are a fraud and an abuse of his office," he said. "There is no precedent for President Obama's Nixonian assertion of executive privilege over these ordinary government agency records."

In the past, members of the Obama administration have used fake email accounts to hide conversations from public view.

Judicial Watch's lawsuit has revealed more about the gun-running scandal than GOP-led congressional inquires, Fitton said.

By revealing what the administration wants to hide, "this Fast and Furious document provides dozens of leads for further congressional, media, and even criminal investigations," Fitton said.

In a press statement, the group said that 1,307-page list includes "numerous emails that detail Attorney General Holder's direct involvement in crafting talking points, the timing of public disclosures, and handling Congressional inquiries in the Fast and Furious matter … [and] numerous entries detail DOJ's communications (including those of Eric Holder) concerning the White House about Fast and Furious."

The scandal was large enough that it "required the attention of virtually every top official of the DOJ and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) … [and] the United States Ambassador to Mexico."


Canadian prime minister calls Ottawa attack terrorism

Prime Minister Stephen Harper met this head on and called it for what it is… terrorism

This is so freakin' Barry:

In Washington, President Barack Obama condemned the shootings as "outrageous" and said: "We have to remain vigilant." 

Vigilant for him means changing the facts for the sake of his own political expediency (e.g.) Ft. Hood and Oklahoma. Good thing the Tsarnaev brothers were unemployed.


A gunman shot a Canadian soldier standing guard at the National War Memorial in Ottawa on Oct. 22, 2014, then entered Parliament and shots rang out, police and witnesses said. A member of Parliament describes what he heard.

OTTAWA, Ontario - Two deadly attacks in three days against members of the military stunned Canadians and raised fears their country was being targeted for reprisals for joining the U.S.-led air campaign against an extremist Islamic group in Iraq and Syria. 

"We will not be intimidated. Canada will never be intimidated," Prime Minister Stephen Harper vowed in a nationally televised address hours after a masked gunman killed a soldier standing guard at Ottawa's war memorial shortly before 10 a.m. on Wednesday. The suspect then stormed Parliament in a dramatic attack that was stopped cold when he was shot to death by the ceremonial sergeant-at-arms.

Harper called it the country's second terrorist attack in three days. A man Harper described as an "ISIL-inspired terrorist" on Monday ran over two soldiers in a parking lot in Quebec, killing one and injuring another before being shot to death by police. Like the suspect from Wednesday's shooting in Ottawa, he was a recent convert to Islam.

Investigators offered little information about the gunman in Ottawa, identified as 32-year-old petty criminal Michael Zehaf-Bibeau. But Harper said: "In the days to come we will learn about the terrorist and any accomplices he may have had."

Witnesses said the soldier posted at the National War Memorial, identified as Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, was gunned down at point-blank range by a man carrying a rifle and dressed all in black, his face half-covered with a scarf. The gunman appeared to raise his arms in triumph, then entered Parliament, a few hundred yards away, where dozens of shots soon rang out, according to witnesses.

People fled the complex by scrambling down scaffolding erected for renovations, while others took cover inside as police with rifles and body armor took up positions outside and cordoned off the normally bustling streets around Parliament.

On Twitter, Canada's justice minister and other government officials credited 58-year-old sergeant-at-arms Kevin Vickers with shooting the attacker just outside the MPs' caucus rooms. Vickers serves a largely ceremonial role at the House of Commons, carrying a scepter and wearing rich green robes, white gloves and a tall imperial hat.

At least three people were treated for minor injuries.

In Washington, President Barack Obama condemned the shootings as "outrageous" and said: "We have to remain vigilant." The U.S. Embassy in Ottawa was locked down as a precaution, and security was tightened at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery just outside Washington.

Harper vowed that the attacks will "lead us to strengthen our resolve and redouble our efforts" to keep the country safe and work with Canada's allies to fight terrorists.

Court records that appear to be the gunman's show that he had a long rap sheet, with a string of convictions for assault, robbery, drug and weapons offenses, and other crimes.

Tony Zobl said he witnessed the Canadian soldier being gunned down from his fourth-floor window directly above the National War Memorial, a 70-foot (21.34-meter), arched granite cenotaph, or tomb, with bronze sculptures commemorating World War I.

"I looked out the window and saw a shooter, a man dressed all in black with a kerchief over his nose and mouth and something over his head as well, holding a rifle and shooting an honor guard in front of the cenotaph point-blank, twice," Zobl told the Canadian Press news agency. "The honor guard dropped to the ground, and the shooter kind of raised his arms in triumph holding the rifle."

The Canadian Broadcasting Corp. had video of the gunman going to his car alone with his weapon after the shooting at the memorial. The car was later spotted parked in front of Parliament Hill, just down the block.

Cabinet minister Tony Clement tweeted that at least 30 shots were heard inside Parliament, where Conservative and Liberal MPs were holding their weekly caucus meetings.

"I was just taking off my jacket to go into caucus. I hear this pop, pop, pop. Possibly 10 shots, don't really know. Thought it was dynamite or construction rather than anything else," said John McKay, a member of Parliament.

He said security guards then came rushing down the halls, herding them toward the back of the buildings.

"And then we started talking to another woman and she was apparently inside the library of Parliament, saw the fellow, wearing a hoodie, carrying a gun," McKay said, "and then the implications of this start to sink in."

The attack came two days after a recent convert to Islam killed the Canadian soldier and injured another with his car in a parking lot in the Quebec city of Saint-Jean-Sur-Richelieu. The killer had been on the radar of federal investigators, who feared he had jihadist ambitions and seized his passport when he tried to travel to Turkey.

Canada had raised its domestic terror threat level from low to medium Tuesday because of what it called "an increase in general chatter from radical Islamist organizations." As recently as Tuesday, Canada sent eight fighter jets to the Mideast to join the battle against Islamic State.