Friday, April 24, 2015

Classic Liberalism

Remember when Rolling Stone tried to depict this scum as the second coming of Bob Dylan? 

A rock star he's not. 

The Tsarnaev family emigrated in 2002 to the United States where they applied for refugee status, settling in Cambridge, Massachusetts. We took these Muslim dogs in under the pretense they were suffering persecution in their home country.

 ...And it wasn't long before they started receiving welfare checks. 

To show their gratitude during the Boston Marathon they blew up 3, one a little boy, and wounded 264 others. Later, just for the hell of it, they shot a cop. 

Now read The Bomber in the lower right corner: 

He's just a popular, promising, guy right?  It's everybody's fault but his. When it comes to bomb making (to borrow a line from Barry)... he didn't build that somebody else made that happen.

Hey Rolling Stone why don't you get a pair of balls and show him for the Muslim terrorist he really is.

This would make a great cover shot.

Hope he gets the death penalty.

1. He deserves it.

2. He's already screwed America over once so I sure as hell don't want the taxpayers footing the bill for slammer time the next 60 or so years. 


Thursday, April 23, 2015

After Monica...

 Hillary said, "I'm no Tammy Wynette standing by my man". Since she's still with Bill I just passed it off as another Clinton lie.

Guess it went over my head.


Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Chain reaction

A chain reaction is a sequence of reactions where a reactive product or by-product causes additional reactions to take place. In a chain reaction, system instability leads to a self-amplifying chain of events.

The chain of events if Hillary becomes president...

The Chernobyl of scandals... just waiting to happen!


Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Hillary quote

Almost fell out of my chair when I read this one!


Morsi handed 20 years in prison for inciting, demonstrating violence

The end result of Barry backing the Muslim Brotherhood. 
He should be doing 20 years himself for a whole host of reasons!

Along the same line... expecting Barry and Kerry to stop Iran from obtaining a nuke

 is as likely as Ann Coulter's engagement to Al Sharpton.


Former president Mohamed Morsi was sentenced to 20 years on Tuesday in the 'Presidential Palace' case, alongside 12 other defendants.

Special police units surrounded the intensively guarded Police Academy in New Cairo where the session took place.

The Cairo Criminal Court found Morsi and 12 Muslim Brotherhood leaders, including Mohamed El-Beltagy and Essam El-Erian, guilty of 'demonstrating power and violence' and 'inciting violence' while sentencing the two other defendants in the case to 10 years in prison. All 15 defendants were acquitted of the killing protesters charge.

The ousted president and the Brotherhood leaders, including also Morsi's deputy chief of staff, Assad Al-Sheikha, former head of president's office, Ahmed Abdel Atty and Islamic preacher Wagdy Ghoneim, were accused in the incidents of violence outside the Presidential Palace on 5 December 2012.

At least 10 protesters were killed in clashes between anti-Morsi and pro-Morsi demonstrations on that day, that erupted after anti-Morsi protesters had staged a sit-in in front of the palace.

The clashes also left El-Husseini Abu-Deif, a journalist at the weekly El-Fagr newspaper killed.

Morsi is co-defendant in four more trials. He is accused of escaping Wadi El-Natrun Prison on 28 January 2011, insulting the judiciary, espionage by working with foreign Islamist groups to "create chaos" in Egypt; and of espionage with Qatar.

Most other defendants in the case are facing several other trials, and are accused of murder, torture, storming police stations, and state facilities.Some have received death sentences in previous verdicts.

Morsi has been in custody since his ouster by the military on 3 July. Until his first appearance in court on 4 November, his place of detention was unknown.

Alleged leaks from the office of then-defence minister, now President, Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, allegedly between members of the Supreme Council of the Armed forces (SCAF), argue that Morsi was being held in a maximum security navy prison in Abu Qir, close to Alexandria.

Contrary to a law that forbids the detention of civilians in military facilities, the military figures were heard in the recordings discussing ways to cover up the detention and falsify information related to his whereabouts.

Morsi was later transferred to Burg Al-Arab Prison in Alexandria in November 2013.

The former president came to power on 30 June 2012, after winning the elections earlier that year. He was ousted on 3 July 2013 by the army, following mass protests against his tenure.