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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Jesse Jackson Says NFL Owners 'Should Have the Courage' to Sign Colin Kaepernick

Rev. Jesse Jackson is among those who believes Colin Kaepernick deserves another opportunity in the NFL.

In an interview with BlackSportsOnline (h/t TMZ Sports), Jackson said an "owner should have the courage to do the right thing" and sign Kaepernick:

Future News...Racial Discrimination


FBI has 'reopened' case on search for Lynch-Clinton tarmac meeting records

Now before you get too optimistic remember the FBI and the Republican track record when it comes to this matter. Did someone say "matter"?

IRS scandal
Clinton Email scandal

Firey Trey Gowdy, Jim Jordan, Darrell Issa and company, and who could forget Comey's performance, proved their bark is worse than their bite. In all 3 of the scandals, not one person went to jail, one almost became president! Like the old Rolex ad stated: 

[The true test of achievement is result]

And so far Republicans with all their bluster haven't shown me jack shit.


The FBI has "reopened" its consideration of a request for records on the infamous 2016 tarmac meeting between then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch and former President Bill Clinton, the group behind that request told Fox News. 

American Center for Law and Justice President Jay Sekulow called the development a “positive sign,” in an interview Wednesday on “Fox & Friends.”

Sekulow said the FBI sent him a letter saying it had reopened his Freedom of Information Act request for documents related to the June 2016 meeting. At first, the FBI and DOJ said they did not have documents detailing the tarmac meet-up, before recently releasing a batch of emails. They are now searching for more records. 

“While we appreciate that the FBI has ‘reopened’ the case file and is now ‘searching’ for documents responsive to our duly submitted FOIA request from more than a year ago, it stretches the bounds of credulity to suggest that the FBI bureaucracy just discovered that ‘potentially responsive’ records ‘may exist’ on its own accord,” Sekulow said in a written statement.

FBI’s newest letter to the ACLJ – dated one week after the government watchdog group accused the government of lying to them about the existence of records – now states that “records potentially responsive to your request may exist.”

Last week, ACLJ released 400 emails from the initial batch they received. The documents revealed that Lynch used an email alias to discuss the secret meeting that took place between her and Clinton and that DOJ staffers were concerned about the optics of the situation.

The tarmac meeting fueled Republican complaints at the time that Lynch had improperly met with the husband of an investigation subject, Hillary Clinton, just before the probe into her personal email use was completed with no charges filed.

A week after the meeting, then-FBI Director James Comey called Clinton’s actions “extremely careless” but did not recommend charges. The criminal investigation was closed and then briefly re-opened in October just days before the 2016 presidential election.

Sekulow, who also serves on President Trump’s legal team, said the ACLJ will continue to “press on in our legal fight to ensure that the details of the secret Clinton-Lynch meeting and the subsequent cover-up and withholding of information from the public comes to light.” 

He added that his organization will continue to “legally hold the FBI’s feet to the fire” and said he is “willing to go to court to get (the records) if necessary.” 

The conservative group Judicial Watch also has clashed with the DOJ, after receiving similar documents it complained were "heavily redacted." 

In response to those complaints, a Justice Department spokesperson referred Fox News to a letter sent by the DOJ Office of Information Policy on Aug. 1, 2017 to Judicial Watch explaining their decision to maintain redacted materials.

The letter explains that those sections pertain to “certain inter- and intra-agency communications protected by the deliberative process privilege, and information release of which would constitute a clearly unwarranted invasion of the personal privacy of third parties.”

A Justice spokesperson told Fox News that decisions to claim the deliberative process exemption are routine.

In his June testimony, Comey cited concerns with Lynch's handling of the Clinton investigation. Comey told lawmakers that Lynch directed him to describe the email probe as a “matter” and not an “investigation.”

Comey said the tarmac meeting was a “deciding factor” in his decision to act alone to update the public on the Clinton probe—and protect the bureau’s reputation.

Really...I'm still reeling from his blistering dissertation then finished it off with.

"No reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case."


Monday, August 21, 2017

Got to love this


Police: Man Arrested for Defacing Confederate Monument in Indianapolis Park

"The police report did not state Ventura’s motive, despite the incident occurring a week after the Charlottesville protests."

if the alt-right is deranged can he be far behind? He looks like the kind of guy who could generate this headline: 

Crazed gunman shoots 12 at Shelby Street 

But of course, we must remember the alt-left is as pure as the driven snow.


Police say they arrested Anthony Ventura around noon for allegedly vandalizing the monument in Garfield Park on Shelby Street soon after the alleged incident.

A video of the incident circulated on social media after the incident, causing locals to see the damage for themselves.

“It’s stupid, it don’t really make any sense, you know?” Rex Staples, who lives in the area, told WXIN. “Because they’re really not doing anything.”

WISH reports Ventura allegedly defaced the monument, which honors more than 1,600 Confederate soldiers, with a hammer.

The soldiers remains are located at Crown Hill Cemetery.

The police report did not state Ventura’s motive, despite the incident occurring a week after the Charlottesville protests.

Authorities have not determined the full extent of the damage caused Saturday afternoon.

The police report did not state Ventura’s motive, despite the incident occurring a week after the Charlottesville protests.


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