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Monday, February 20, 2017

'Not My President's Day' Actions Across the U.S. Call for Trump's Impeachment on President's Day Weekend

And Trump refused to accept the election results? 
When are these idiots going to accept the fact...THEY LOST? 

Funny, the reality is I can think of at least 20 solid, bonafide, reasons why Barry should have been impeached. But sad to say, because of the mutual love affair between him and the MSM that was never going to happen.


Americans are transforming President’s Day weekend into Not My President’s Day, a series of resistance efforts against the Trump White House and its increasingly fascist agenda. Many of the actions organized in cities across the U.S. include calls to impeach the new president.

As Donald Trump defiles American values left and right, spouting lies, demeaning the free press, attempting to barrel over the checks and balances that preserve the nation’s integrity, threatening to reinstate the worst Nixonian policies (like the racist war on drugs), and terrorizing immigrant and Muslim families, thousands of people have sacrificed their three-day weekend to gather and protest in U.S. cities.

On Saturday, New Yorkers held a mock funeral for the U.S. presidency, while in Los Angeles and Dallas, thousands marched in support of immigrants and refugees.

Thousands gathered Sunday in the Oregon State capitol of Salem for an Immigrants' March (Immigrants is code for illegals) that invited people in all 50 states to fill the steps of their capitol building in support of immigrants’ rights. The march was a response to Trump’s anti-immigrant policies, including his proposed wall along the U.S.-Mexico border and the so-dubbed Muslim travel ban that would keep residents of seven predominantly Muslim nations from entering the U.S.

Also Sunday, more than 5,000 people are expected to take to the streets of Chicago for a one-month post-inauguration protest called Stop the Trump Agenda.

Not My President’s Day marches and demonstrations are scheduled on Monday across the nation, in New York, Los Angeles, D.C., Chicago, Kansas City, Denver, Milwaukee, Salt Lake City and Atlanta. Additional President’s Day weekend anti-Trump actions are also planned in towns and smaller cities, continuing through Monday.


Sunday, February 19, 2017

McCain Defends a Free Press: ‘That’s How Dictators Get Started’

The 'maverick' should have been put out to pasture a l-o-n-g time ago. 

What Democrat has ever catered to Republicans the way McCain has to Democrats?
Remember the amnesty bill he and his pal 'ChappaquidDICK Ted' tried to pull off?


Sen. John McCain is taking a veiled swipe at President Donald Trump's ongoing attack on the fourth estate, cautioning that "how dictators get started" is by shutting down the press.

The Republican Arizona senator, in an exclusive interview on Meet the Press airing Sunday, admitted that the relationship between the media and elected officials can sometimes be tense — highlighted by the Trump administration's repeated sparring with reporters and the president calling news organizations "fake news."

Half-jokingly, McCain said, "a fundamental part of that new world order was a free press. I hate the press. I hate you especially. But the fact is we need you."

His defense of the media came in response to a Friday tweet from President Donald Trump in which he called certain news outlets "the enemy of the American People."

Speaking from Germany, where he was attending the Munich Security Conference, McCain said that without a free press, "I am afraid that we would lose so much of our individual liberties over time. That's how dictators get started."

McCain clarified that he wasn't referring to the president as a dictator, but that attacks on journalists who are questioning those in power are usually a hallmark of autocratic governments.

So he was talking about Hitler right...not Trump?
What a liar.

"When you look at history," McCain said, "the first thing that dictators do is shut down the press. And I'm not saying that President Trump is trying to be a dictator (Yes he is). I'm just saying we need to learn the lessons of history."


Saturday, February 18, 2017

Historians rank Obama 12th best president in new survey

Check out the rankings below. There laughable!

There are so many contradictions sometimes I wonder if were all living on the same planet. How in the f**k could Barry be ranked 12th when he put us into more debt than all the others combined!

See what these 'Historians' have to say 10 years from now when the eggs laid from 2008 till 2016 start to hatch!

BTW...This is a step down for Barry. If I remember rightly he once said he was the 4th best of all time.


Historians have ranked Barack Obama the 12th best president of all time, the highest rated since President Ronald Reagan, in a new C-SPAN survey released Friday.

Less than a month after exiting the White House, Obama received high marks from presidential historians for his pursuit of "equal justice for all" and for his commanding "moral authority," ranking third and seventh among all former presidents in each respective category. The 44th president also cracked a top 10 ranking for his "economic management" and public persuasion.

The former president's tenure earned its lowest marks for the relationship between the presidency and Congress, with bitter partisanship often stagnating the effectiveness between the two and Obama seeing his Democratic majority slip in both the House of Representatives and the Senate during his eight years in office. 

Historians, however, remained mixed on whether Obama's standing so soon after leaving office was higher or lower than expected. 

"Although 12th is a respectable overall ranking, one would have thought that former President Obama’s favorable rating when he left office would have translated into a higher ranking in this presidential survey," said Edna Greene Medford, a Howard University professor and member of C-SPAN's historical advisory board. 

Others, though, felt the former president's performance fresh out of office was remarkable. 

"That Obama came in at number 12 his first time out is quite impressive," Douglas Brinkley, a Rice University professor and C-SPAN adviser, said in a press release. 

The final verdict on Obama's legacy may still take time to truly assess, though, as historical views are admittedly likely to season as time passes. 

"Of course, historians prefer to view the past from a distance, and only time will reveal his legacy," said Medford of Obama.

The survey, the third of its kind and first since 2009, when Obama succeeded President George W. Bush, also saw an uptick for the 43rd president.

"The survey is surprisingly good news for George W. Bush, who shot up a few notches," said Brinkley of Bush, who rose from the 36th spot to the 33rd. Bush, like Obama, earned his highest mark for his pursuit of equal justice, but came in at only 19th. Bush's worst metrics were for international relations, with the drawn-out military conflict in the Middle East likely weighing him down. 

Unchanged in the rankings were the top three standings, occupied by former Presidents Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt, respectively. 

"Once again the Big Three are Lincoln, Washington and FDR - as it should be," said Brinkley. 

Former President Bill Clinton, meanwhile, slightly behind Obama at 15th, receiving extremely high marks for his handling of the economy, which ranked third all-time, but a lowly 39th ranking for his moral authority, with scandals plaguing the latter end of his presidency. 

According to historian Richard Norton Smith, the gold standard for presidents remains those holding office between 1933 and 1969, with numerous snagging top scores. 

"Five presidents from this era each rank in the top ten which tells you something about the criteria that historians tend to use," said Smith. "It reinforces Franklin Roosevelt's claim to be not only the first modern president but the man who, in reinventing the office, also established the criteria by which we judge our leaders."

Here are the full rankings: 

1. Abraham Lincoln 
2. George Washington
3. Franklin Delano Roosevelt
4. Teddy Roosevelt
5. Dwight Eisenhower
6. Harry Truman
7. Thomas Jefferson
8. John F. Kennedy
9. Ronald Reagan
10. Lyndon Johnson
11. Woodrow Wilson
12. Barack Obama
13. James Monroe
14. James Polk
15. Bill Clinton
16. William McKinley
17. James Madison
18. Andrew Jackson
19. John Adams
20. George H.W. Bush
21. John Q. Adams
22. Ulysses Grant
23. Grover Cleveland
24. William Taft
25. Gerald Ford
26. Jimmy Carter
27. Calvin Coolidge 
28. Richard Nixon
29. James Garfield
30. Benjamin Harrison
31. Zachary Taylor
32. Rutherford Hayes
33. George W. Bush
34. Martin Van Buren
35. Chester Arthur 
36. Herbert Hoover
37. Millard Fillmore
38. William Harrison 
39. John Tyler
40. Warren Harding
41. Franklin Pierce
42. Andrew Johnson
43. James Buchanan


Friday, February 17, 2017

Democrat from ultra-liberal Portland, Oregon says he's looking at the 25th amendment because he fears for Trump's mental health

A Democratic lawmaker says he's so concerned about Donald Trump's 'erratic behavior' that he wants to revise the 25th Amendment in case the president demonstrates that he does not have the 'mental and emotional capacity' to do his job.

Oregon Congressman Ed Blumenauer, who represents the liberal city of Portland, says he sees a 'glaring flaw' in the wording of the amendment that was ratified in 1967 in response to JFK's assassination. 

'For a mentally unstable, paranoid or delusional president, the 25th Amendment has no guarantee of its application. In fact, it’s likely that it would fail,' Blumenauer said in a speech this week on the House floor.

Democratic lawmaker Ed Blumenauer says he's so concerned about Donald Trump's 'erratic behavior' that he wants to revise the 25th Amendment in case the president demonstrates that he does not have the 'mental and emotional capacity' to do his job.

Blumenauer is one of several Democrats suggesting that Trump's unsupported statements about large-scale voter fraud and other issues are a reflection of his mental state.

Rep. Ted Lieu of California is working on legislation that would require a psychiatrist or psychologist to be on hand at the White House, The Hill reported.

 Congressman Blumenauer revealed on a TV program that some Republicans in Congress have told him privately that Trump's 'not right mentally.'

The 25th amendment says in part that the vice president and 'a majority of either the principal officers of the executive departments or of such other body as Congress may by law provide' can demand the president's removal from office if they decide he is 'unable to discharge the powers and duties.'

Blumenauer said in a Wednesday op-ed that appeared on that the amendment isn't strong enough. 

'It has inherent flaws that need to be addressed. The amendment's default decision-makers-- the vice president and the cabinet -- have a natural bias toward the existing officeholder that would make them reluctant to acknowledge the president's inability to serve,' he said.

'Additionally, in the case of a president who is suffering from mental illness and is emotionally unstable or irrational, there is no fail-safe to prevent him or her from simply firing the entire cabinet to prevent the application of the amendment.' 

Blumenauer called attention to the issue again later that day on the House floor.

'Like many people, I’ve noticed renewed interest in the 25th Amendment, as we’ve seen erratic behavior out of the White House and the inability of Donald Trump to even tell whether it rained on him during his inaugural speech and repeating false statements that are demonstrably wrong,' the Democrat said. 

The Congressman has proposed a 'fail-safe' to ensure impartiality, should observers determine the president is 'emotionally unstable' - a panel comprised of living presidents and vice presidents.

'We need to have a mechanism that can be reliable, command public confidence and be above politics,' he said.


Thursday, February 16, 2017

Marine Who Told Brutal Truth About “Muslim Ban” Gets Kicked Out Of Iraq

On a tip from Ed Kilbane

A former Marine sergeant who was working as a security contractor in Iraq has been evacuated from the country after a video he made endorsing Donald Trump’s temporary immigration freeze went viral, garnering 43 million views.

Steven Gern’s video, which was posted on Facebook last week, has garnered over 289,000 likes in addition to its immense number of views. In it, Gern talked about asking locals in Iraq what would happen if he walked into town unprotected as an American.

They said he would “absolutely would not be welcome.” When he asked what would happen to him, they said that he would be tortured and killed within an hour.“The point of it is, the point I’m trying to make is, this is the local populace who would do this. This isn’t ISIS, this isn’t Al Qaeda, this isn’t the PMU, this isn’t a militia from the Iranians or anything like that. This is the local populace that would do this.

“So, my question to them was pretty simple after that: If you would do this to me, in your country, why would I let you into my country? Because all this means to me is that, if you have the opportunity to take the life of an American, you would do it.

“So, maybe there’s something you all need to think about back there,” he told his viewers. “If this is the way some of these cultures feel, if this is the way that these countries feel about Americans, why would you be so naive as to believe that if they came into the US, they would do anything any different than what they do right here in their own country?”

The video:

Video 326