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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Trump vs Schaff

Trump wants her charged with obstruction of justice of which the 'Libby' responded...

 'my residents'...
vulnerable too!

In Oakland, CA they're migrants not animals.

Their new mid-term campaign poster.



FBI plant in Trump campaign was US-born Cambridge professor, reports say

This really stinks! Tarmac meeting, Strock-Page text messages, Comey-McCabe lying through their teeth, just to name a few and now this. Since this latest eye-popping subversion has now been exposed how much longer must we wait before something is done about it? Is the Republican-controlled Congress Helen Keller?


Stefan Halper, a University of Cambridge professor, has been identified as an FBI plant in the Trump campaign, according to multiple news outlets. (The Institute of World Politics)

American-born University of Cambridge professor Stefan Halper has been identified as an FBI plant in Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign, multiple news outlets reported Saturday.

The 73-year-old academic reportedly has deep ties to American and British intelligence, having served in the Nixon, Ford and Reagan administrations, the New York Post reported.

President Trump tweeted Friday that confirmation of an FBI plant in his campaign would become the nation's "all-time biggest political scandal."

The New York Times and Washington Post reportedly have known of Halper’s identity for weeks, but chose not to reveal his name. Then on Thursday, the Daily Caller named Halper in the opening paragraph of its report.

(No bias reporting going on here)

The Washington Post said it received warnings from U.S. officials that revealing Halper’s identity posed a security risk. 

 Pose a security risk defined:

The  'U.S. officials' didn't want the voting public to find out the FBI tried to rig the election.

Meanwhile, reports vary on when the FBI tapped Halper to snoop on the Trump campaign.

The New York Times reported in December that during “a night of heavy drinking at an upscale London bar in May 2016,” Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos had disclosed to an Australian diplomat the Russians had dirt on the Clinton campaign. The Australians then tipped off the FBI, prompting the agency to launch “Crossfire Hurricane” on July 31, 2016.

But Harper met with Page in early July that summer, contradicting the FBI’s claims of when the operation began, while Halper met Carter Page at a British symposium and remained in contact for more than a year.

In August, Harper met with Trump campaign co-chair Sam Clovis to offer his experience, the Washington Post reported.

A few days later, Harper reportedly offered Papadopoulos compensation in exchange for writing a paper about energy in the eastern Mediterranean region.

Sources close to Papadopoulos now say Harper was working for an intelligence agency.

Papadopoulos has pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI, while Page was the subject of a federal surveillance warrant.

By May 2017, the “Cross Hurricane” operation had melded with Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. 


Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Don't laugh...I guarantee you it's not a far cry from the truth

Afterall, this despicable SOB had two scoops of ice cream when everybody else had only one!


Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Bill O'Reilly could return to cable news with show on Newsmax alongside Sean Spicer and former Fox News stars Greta Van Susteren and Eric Bolling

The tentative title for the new show is:

The Fired Four

He used to be the king of cable news until being pushed off his perch at Fox News amid allegations of sexual assault.

But now Bill O'Reilly is poised to make a return to TV as an anchor for Newsmax according to Page Six.

The former O'Reilly Factor host could be joined at the station by fellow Fox News alumni Greta Van Susteren and Eric Bolling, alongside former White House press secretary Sean Spicer.

Bill O'Reilly (pictured in January) is in 'advanced talks' to return to cable news at his preferred 8pm timeslot as an anchor for channel Newsmax, according to reports

Joining O'Reilly on the hypothetical bill at Newsmax would be fellow Fox News alumni Greta Van Susteren who would take the 7pm slot and Eric Bolling who would be on at 9pm

O'Reilly is in 'advanced talks' about developing a show with Newsmax, reports, which would air at his old 8pm time slot.

Such a move would put him in direct competition with his Fox News replacement, Tucker Carlson.

O'Reilly has already appeared on the channel several times as a guest and his independent show No Spin News has also featured.

According to Page Six, the hypothetical evening schedule would feature a news show at 6pm followed by Greta's show at 7pm.

The prime 8pm slot would be filled by O'Reilly, Bolling's show would then begin at 9pm and would be followed by Spicer at 10pm.

The former press secretary's show would take the form of a late-night political panel, with the later airtime allowing for a looser feel.

Newsmax Media CEO Christopher Ruddy - a close friend of President Trump - has said he intends to bill Newsmax TV as 'a kinder, gentler' version of Fox News.

The channel runs on cable and streams free online. 

Van Susteren left Fox News abruptly in September 2016 after triggering a 'key man' clause in her contract following the resignation of CEO Roger Ailes. She later departed to MSNBC and let go because the new program she hosted For the Record with Greta did not do well in ratings.

Sean Spicer, the former White House press secretary, is also in negotiations with Newsmax about hosting a 10pm political panel show

In a Facebook post uploaded after her departure, she said the channel 'had not felt like home for a few years' and that the decision was hers.

But subsequent reports suggested she was kicked out by Rupert Murdoch who was unhappy with the way she had tried to renegotiate her contract.

Bolling left Fox News almost exactly a year after Van Susteren amid claims he sent unsolicited pictures of male genitals to female colleagues.

He was suspended in August 2017 before the station announced that it was 'parting ways amicably' with him.

After a tumultuous start to his White House career, Spicer resigned (wanted to spend more time with the family) in July 2017 after the appointment of Anthony Scaramucci as communications director.


Monday, May 14, 2018

“He’s not a politician. He does what he says he will do”

That about sums it up.

Pro-Trump Signs in Jerusalem: ‘Trump, Make Israel Great’

JERUSALEM, Israel — Several main streets of Jerusalem are bedecked in Israeli and American flags in celebration of the upcoming transfer of the U.S. embassy to the city on Monday — and one major intersection in the center of the city features an explicit pro-Trump message.

“Trump, make Israel great,” says one. “Trump is a friend of Zion,” says another.

The signs reflect the mood in Israel, where President Donald Trump is rapidly becoming a hero, thanks in part to his decision to move the embassy, as well as his decision on Tuesday to pull the U.S. out of the nuclear deal with Iran.

But they also represent the specific institution that paid for the signs to occupy their present position near the Old City: the Friends of Zion Museum.

The museum opened in 2015 and “presents a technologically advanced, interactive experience that tells the story of the dream of restoration of the Jewish people to their historic homeland and the brave non-Jews who assisted them in the realization of that dream,” according to its website.

It also “serves as a platform for fighting BDS and Anti-Semitism internationally.”

BDS — “boycott, divestment, and sanctions” — is a movement that aims to isolate Israel culturally and economically as well as diplomatically.

With or without the museum, pro-Trump sentiment is riding high in Israel.

“He’s not a politician. He does what he says he will do,” an Israeli taxi driver told Breitbart News.