Friday, April 29, 2016

More Than 40 Million People Have Watched This Angry Facebook Rant About Millennials

To put this in context just before Alexis Bloomer appeared on FOX Jesse Watters did "a man on the street interview" with about a dozen Millennials. He showed them these three photos and not one knew who they were.

Watters [holding up image of Ronald Reagan]: Who does this look like to you?

“An old man.”

“Uh, he was a president.”

Watters: Which president?

“I forgot.”

“Not Bush.”

“I live in Vermont. They don’t teach us that.”

Watters: They don’t teach you the president in Vermont.


Watters: Oh man. Must be because Sanders is your senator.


Watters: He won which war?


“The war of democracy of not being able to have privacy in the U.S.”

Watters [holding up image of Martin Luther King, Jr.]: Next one.

“I don’t know who he is, but he doesn’t look too happy.”

Watters: You wouldn’t be too happy if you were him either. He was assassinated.

“He like, did this big ole [SIC] movement, big ole speech, 'I Have a Dream'.”

Watters: What was the movement for?

“To stop slavery.”

Watters: They stopped slavery in the eighteen hundreds.


Watters: What do we know about the King?

“He has a day named after him…and I don’t know.”

Watters: You get off on that day…from work.

Watters [holding up image of Marilyn Monroe]: Do you know who this is?


What is she famous for?

“Dance, music, art and expression.”

“She stood on a subway grate and had her dress blow up.”

Watters: Do you know what president she fooled around with?

“Teddy Roosevelt.”

“Maybe it was Bush.”

Okay, I'll let them slide on MM as crazy as that sounds. But they didn't know who RR and MLK were? Just what are these f--ks being taught in school?

On the other hand, pick the Kardashian and I bet they can tell you the circumference of their ass. 

Oh...and they vote!


Alexis Bloomer, a Texas anchor at Channel 7, "watched as a young man stepped in front of a limping elderly man and didn't hold the door open for him" last Friday and was so angered by what she'd seen she posted a video about how that young man is all Millennials' spirit animal. On Facebook, the video, which is captioned, "Dear Elders, I'm sorry. Sincerely, A Millennial," has been viewed more than 40 million times, has 1 million shares, and thousands on thousands of comments.

"I pretty much realized that we're just existing, we're not contributing anything to society," Bloomer begins. We don't address our elders with "no ma'am" and "yes ma'am," we listen to music that glorifies drugs and crime, we "use words like 'bae' to describe someone we love, and we idolize people like Kim Kardashian and we shame people like Tim Tebow," making us ungrateful as a whole. Millennials are lazy, entitled, and when they want to be activists, they "[go] on Facebook and [post their] opinion." 


Thursday, April 28, 2016

29-year-old high school athlete accused of lying about age claims he doesn't know how old he is

Along the same line as you're reading this remember our fearless leader told us not to worry about those Syrian/Iraqi Muslim refugees terrorists because they're totally 100% vetted.

Ben (lying) Rhodes...Barry's mouthpiece:

“We have very extensive screening procedures for all Syrian refugees who would come to the United States. There’s a very careful vetting process that includes our intelligence community, our National Counterterrorism Center, the Department of Homeland Security. So we can make sure we’re carefully screening anybody who comes to the United States.”

You know, just like the great job they're doing stopping 12 million Mexicans from jumping the border wall.


A South Sudanese high school basketball star accused of lying about his age admitted Wednesday he is not 17, as he claimed to be – but doesn’t exactly how old he is.

‘Teen’ basketball player says he didn’t know he was 29 #JonathanNicola— Nicholas Keung (@nkeung) April 27, 2016

Jonathan John Elia Nicola, who authorities say is 29, told The Canadian Border Services Agency his mother does not remember his age, Reuters reports.

Nicola was arrested on April 15 after submitting a U.S. visa application with a date of birth of Nov. 25, 1998 — which would make him 17. The agency says a fingerprint match determined he was an individual who had made a previous application to the U.S. using a date of birth of Nov. 1, 1986. That would make him 29.

Also Tuesday, the immigration board ruled Nicola to be a flight risk and ordered him detained until May 24 in Windsor, Ontario. Nicola now faces potential deportation. According to transcripts, he wants to return to South Sudan.

Catholic Central High School in Windsor, where Nicola attended school, has said it respects the immigration board's decision and hopes "this sad story will conclude soon."

At least one rival basketball coach had his suspicions about Catholic Central's new star.

"I knew it when I looked right at him — I said ‘that guy’s 30 years old,'" Cam Nekkers of Pine Ridge Secondary School told The Toronto Star. "After the game, he’s sitting on the bench as a bunch of us walk by; we get past him, and I’m like, ‘Did you look at his face? Does anybody think he’s 17 years old?'"

The Toronto Star reported that Nicola arrived in Canada this past November and was issued a student visa good through January 2017.

A spokesman for the Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board wouldn't comment directly on the case, but said a "rigorous" system is in place requiring all international students to present valid government documentation — including passports and study permits — before they can enroll.


Wednesday, April 27, 2016

A better solution to the Jackson/Tubman $20 bill controversy

Instead of this.

 How about this?


Caitlyn Jenner used the ladies' room in Trump Tower - and didn't flush any feminine products down the toilet

What a world we live in!

"feminine products"?

"She's" 66. Thought her menstrual cycle ended a long time ago. You know, as in menopause. She hit the pause button on being a man to become a woman. Man, I'm starting to sound as crazy as they are.


On Tuesday, Donald Trump won all five presidential primaries, and perhaps also the support of Caitlyn Jenner.

The transgender icon toasted the mogul at the TIME 100 gala Tuesday night.

Jenner praised Trump for coming out against the new North Carolina law banning transgender persons from using the bathroom of their identified sex. 

'This toast, actually started, in a bathroom. Actually, bathroom issues right now in my life seem to be in the forefront,' Jenner said during her speech at the gala, where she was an honoree. 'Actually, on that issue I just want to say also – One little trans woman walking down the street had to go, I looked up and who did I see but the Trump Tower. Last week Donald Trump said I could use any bathroom I wanted in the Trump Tower. So, of course, I veered right in there – took care of myself.'

The reality star was referring to Trump's interview on the Today show last week when he said he thought the new bathroom bill was causing 'a lot of problems'.

'There have been very few complaints the way it is. People go, they use the bathroom that they feel is appropriate. There has been so little trouble, and the problem with what happened in North Carolina is the strife and the economic punishment that they're taking. So I would say that's probably the best way,' Trump told Today. 

Jenner says she recently needed to go to the bathroom, and took Trump up on his offer to use whichever facilities she deemed fit at Trump Tower 

When directly asked by NBC's Matt Lauer whether he would let Caitlyn Jenner use either of the bathrooms at his buildings, Trump responded 'that is correct'.

Jenner went on to say that she 'obeyed all the rules' when she used the facilities at Trump Tower, and 'didn't throw any feminine products down the toilet'. 

'It actually worked out quite well. It was very good,' she said. 


A sad read

Talk about party fracture!

Charles Koch says Hillary Clinton might be better than GOP candidates

Conservative billionaire Charles Koch says that it's possible that he could support Hillary Clinton for president over any of the GOP presidential candidates.

In an interview in Kansas that aired Sunday on ABC's "This Week," Koch was asked if it's possible for another Clinton to be better than another Republican after he said President Bill Clinton "in some ways" was better than President George W. Bush.

"It's possible," Koch said.

ABC's Jonathan Karl asked Koch, "You couldn't see yourself supporting Hillary Clinton, could you?"

"We would have to believe her actions would be quite different than her rhetoric. Let me put it that way," Koch said. "But on some of the Republican candidates we would, before we could support them, we'd have to believe their actions will be quite different than the rhetoric we've heard so far."

Koch said he probably won't support the GOP nominee because the candidates have been engaging in personal attacks rather than acting more like how Ronald Reagan explained how he would improve the country.

"Right off the bat, they didn't do it," he said. "More of these personal attacks and pitting one person against the other, that's the message you're sending the country."

Koch said that Donald Trump's proposal to ban Muslims from entering the U.S. was "antithetical to our approach" and he said that a proposal to make Muslims register is "reminiscent of Nazi Germany."

Asked to comment on Ted Cruz's comments about carpet bombing the Middle East, Koch said, "That's gotta be hyperbole, but I mean that a candidate, whether they believe it or not, would think that appeals to the American people. This is frightening."

Koch said if he controlled the Republican Party, the U.S. would not have a tax code that subsidizes the wealthy.

"We would get rid of all of that," he said.

But on Twitter Sunday afternoon, Clinton rejected a potential endorsement from the Koch brothers.

Not interested in endorsements from people who deny climate science and try to make it harder for people to vote.— Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) April 24, 2016

In an interview with CBS News last October, Koch said "it depends" whether he plans to support anyone in the primary. He said, "I don't have the evidence that [the GOP candidates] are going to change the trajectory of the country."