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Friday, April 21, 2017

The irony

But in did get a parting gift of $25 million.


Russia Bans Jehovah’s Witnesses, Calling It an Extremist Group

The pinnacle of cowardly stupidity. Why didn't they ban Islam?  How many Jehovah’s Witnesses killed their comrades compared to Muslims the last two decades? If you had a choice between a Jehovah’s Witness or a Muslim for a neighbor...guess I didn't have to ask. 


Jehovahs Witnesses gathered last month in a house in the village of Vorokhobino, north of Moscow, where they meet for services. 

MOSCOW — Russia’s Supreme Court on Thursday declared Jehovah’s Witnesses, a Christian denomination that rejects violence, an extremist organization, banning the group from operating on Russian territory and putting its more than 170,000 Russian worshipers in the same category as Islamic State militants.

The ruling, which confirmed an order last month by the Justice Ministry that the denomination be “liquidated” — essentially eliminated or disbanded — had been widely expected. Russian courts rarely challenge government decisions, no matter what the evidence.

Viktor Zhenkov, a lawyer for the denomination, said Jehovah’s Witnesses would appeal the ruling. He said it had focused on the activities of the organization’s so-called administrative center, a complex of offices outside St. Petersburg, but also branded all of its nearly 400 regional branches as extremist.

“We consider this decision an act of political repression that is impermissible in contemporary Russia,” Mr. Zhenkov said in a telephone interview. “We will, of course, appeal.”

An initial appeal will be made to the Supreme Court’s appellate division, Mr. Zhenkov said, and if that fails, Jehovah’s Witnesses will take the case to the European Court of Human Rights, in Strasbourg, France.

Hard-line followers of Russia’s dominant faith, the Orthodox Church, have lobbied for years to have Jehovah’s Witnesses outlawed or at least curbed as a heretical sect, but the main impetus for the current campaign to crush a Christian group active in Russia for more than a century seems to have come from the country’s increasingly assertive security apparatus.

Founded in the United States in the 19th century, Jehovah’s Witnesses has its worldwide headquarters in the United States and, along with all foreign-led groups outside the control of the state, is viewed with deep suspicion by Russia’s post-Soviet version of the KGB: the Federal Security Service, or F.S.B.

Summing up the Justice Ministry’s case against the denomination, the ministry’s representative, Svetlana Borisova, told the Supreme Court on Thursday that Jehovah’s Witnesses had shown “signs of extremist activity that represent a threat to the rights of citizens, social order and the security of society.”

During six days of hearings over two weeks, lawyers and witnesses for the religious group repeatedly dismissed the extremist allegation as absurd, arguing that reading the Bible and promoting its nonviolent message could in no way be construed as extremist.

Human Rights Watch, in a statement issued in Moscow, condemned the court ruling as “a serious breach of Russia’s obligations to respect and protect religious freedom.”

Rachel Denber, the human rights group’s deputy director for Europe and Central Asia, said the decision delivered “a terrible blow to freedom of religion and association in Russia.”

Jehovah’s Witnesses shuns political activity and has no record of even peaceful — never mind violent — hostility to the Russian authorities. But it has faced growing hostility from the state since President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia began his third term in 2012 and put the Orthodox Church at the center of his push to assert Russia as a great military and moral power.

The denomination suffered relentless persecution by the KGB during the Soviet era, and after more than a decade of relative peace following the collapse of Communism in 1991, it again became a target for official harassment under a 2002 anti-extremism law. That law makes it illegal for any group, other than the Orthodox Church and other traditional religious institutions, to proclaim itself as offering a true path to religious or political salvation.


Thursday, April 20, 2017

General Motors says Venezuela illegally seizes auto plant

This is the president of  Venezuela Nicolás Maduro a protégé of Chavez. You could say he is the Venezuelan Bernie Sanders. Proof that all the 'free stuff' has to be paid for by hook or by crook.

BTW...with Venezuela teetering on financial collapse what message does this latest 'acquisition' send to foreign investment? Venezuela is cutting its own throat. If you were the CEO of a large company after reading this article would you even consider opening a plant in Venezuela? 


General Motors said on Wednesday that Venezuelan authorities had illegally seized its plant in the industrial hub of Valencia and vowed to "take all legal actions" to defend its rights.

The seizure comes amid a deepening economic crisis in leftist-led Venezuela that has already roiled many U.S. companies.

"Yesterday, GMV's (General Motors Venezolana) plant was unexpectedly taken by the public authorities, preventing normal operations. In addition, other assets of the company, such as vehicles, have been illegally taken from its facilities," the company said in a statement.

It said the seizure would cause irreparable damage to the company, its 2,678 workers, its 79 dealers and to its suppliers.

Venezuela's Information Ministry did not immediately respond to a request for information.

Venezuela's car industry has been in freefall, hit by a lack of raw materials stemming from complex currency controls and stagnant local production, and many plants are barely producing at all.

In early 2015, Ford Motor wrote off its investment in Venezuela when it took an $800 million pre-tax writedown.

The country's economic crisis has hurt many other U.S. companies, including food makers and pharmaceutical firms. A growing number are taking their Venezuelan operations out off their consolidated accounts.

Venezuela's government has taken over factories in the past. In 2014 the government announced the "temporary" takeover of two plants belonging to U.S. cleaning products maker Clorox which had left the country.

Venezuela faces around 20 arbitration cases over nationalizations under late leader Hugo Chavez.


Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Barack Obama snaps photo of Michelle Obama on yacht

Washington (CNN) The Obamas are having the time of their post-White House lives.

 Why do you think this photo was taken from such a great distance?


Former President Barack Obama snapped a photo of former first lady Michelle Obama as she posed on the top deck of a yacht where the couple and celebrity friends spent Friday morning off the island of Mo'orea, in the South Pacific.

The Obamas were vacationing with Bruce Springsteen, Tom Hanks and Oprah Winfrey and spent two hours aboard music mogul David Geffen's luxury yacht, the Rising Sun, before leaving Tahiti. They had been staying in French Polynesia for nearly a month.

In the past few months, his trips have included visiting California for some golf, a private island in the Caribbean -- where he kite-surfed with billionaire Richard Branson -- New York to take in a Broadway play, and then to dine with U2's Bono.


Sunday, April 16, 2017

EXCLUSIVE — Family of Slain Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry Says Eric Holder Among ‘The Real Criminals’ Responsible

Ever wonder how many cartel members are still killing people with Holder's guns? Will Trump act on his promise to the terry family? I doubt it. Of all the scandals throughout 8 years of Barry, not one person has ever paid a price. 

BTW... as I am writing this Lerner and Koskinen are pounding down margaritas lounging on the beach in Playa del Carmen.

by Bob Price  

Photo: Facebook/Kelly Terry-Willis

The 2010 murder of U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry by a 7-time previously deported illegal alien could have been prevented, says the agent’s brother Kent Terry in an exclusive interview with Breitbart Texas. Terry’s family hopes the Trump Administration will now go after “the real criminals” responsible for putting the “Fast and Furious” guns in the accused killer’s hands.

A task force including Mexican law enforcement officials, U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration agents and U.S. Border Patrol Border Patrol BORTAC (Border Patrol Tactical Unit) agents arrested accused killer Heraclio Osorio-Arellanes, in Mexico earlier this week, Breitbart Texas reported. Court records obtained by Breitbart Texas stated immigration officials deported Osorio-Arellanes seven times before he returned illegally on December 14, 2010, as part of a Mexican bandit “rip crew.” The accused killer of Agent Terry opened fire on the BORSTAR team in southern Arizona that had been dispatched to find the “rip crew” which had been robbing other drug and human smuggling convoys in the area.

“We just heard that Brian’s shooter had been deported seven times,” Brian Terry’s brother, Kent Terry, told Breitbart Texas. “This is a death that could have been prevented.”

The allegation that Osorio-Arellanes shot Agent Terry with a gun supplied by the U.S. Government in a gun-running operation called “Fast and Furious” made his death even more painful to the family members. To this date, no U.S. law enforcement official involved in supplying over 2,000 guns to Mexican drug cartels under this program have been held to account. The House of Representatives found Former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder to be in contempt of Congress for refusing to turn over documents related to the Fast and Furious program, Breitbart News reported in June 2012. Seventeen House Democrats joined with the Republican majority in finding Holder in contempt.

Photo of Brian Terry in training. (Photo: Brian Terry Foundation)

“Bob, this arrest puts us another step closer to getting those accountable for Brian’s senseless death that could have been prevented,” Kent Terry explained. “But the real criminals that President Trump and Attorney General Sessions need to look at are Eric Holder, Thomas Brandon, Bill Newell, and the rest who started this scandal known as Fast and Furious.”

“Mr. Trump promised me he would open the books in Brian’s death and now is the time,” an exasperated Kent Terry stated. “My family has waited long enough. In the meantime, I will continue to fight for Brian and Zapata.”

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agent Jaime Zapata was also killed by Mexican cartel members using weapons obtained through the Fast and Furious Program.

“Our family is extremely happy to hear of the capture of one of the subjects involved in Brian’s murder,” Terry’s sister, Michelle Terry-Balogh told Breitbart Texas. “This is just another step forward toward getting the justice he truly deserves.”

“We want to express our gratitude to the Mexican officials and all the divisions of our US law enforcement that made this apprehension possible,” Michelle expressed. She sends a special thank you to Brian’s brothers in green who are part of the elite BORTAC team that assisted in the apprehension of this suspect.”

“The Terry family continues the fight to bring those held accountable for the botched gun program fast n furious that killed my brother and to honor him through the Brian Terry Foundation that was established to honor his legacy,” she said, echoing Kent’s call for justice.

Kent Terry (L) and Michelle Terry-Balogh (R) with then-presidential candidate Donald Trump. (Photo: Kent Terry via Facebook)

Brian Terry’s third sibling, Kelly Terry-Willis also expressed her gratitude to all involved in bringing Brian’s accused killer to justice.

“I would like to thank every person involved from day one in the search and apprehension of the latest suspect,” Kelly expressed. “It does not go unnoticed that they put their lives at risk for this mission to be successful. We are closer to justice for Brian.”

“This latest news gave us more hope than we have had in awhile,” she said cautiously. “My guard is still up with this new administration because of all the lies and cover-ups from the previous one, but I more optimistic and hopeful than I have been in six years. Brian cannot and will not be forgotten.”

Nearly one year ago, then-presidential candidate Donald Trump met with the Terry family about their brother’s murder, Breitbart Texas reported.

“He told us how sorry he was about Brian’s senseless death,” Kent Terry told this reporter after the meeting. “Mr. Trump said it was shameful on this administration for starting a scandal like this and shameful for what they’re doing about it.”

“He also is very sincere about Brian’s death. Yes, he promised us if he becomes president, he will open the books on Fast and Furious.”

The Terry family believes it is now time for President Trump and the Republican led Congress do deliver on their promises.