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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Edwards moving love child into his neighborhood?

Remember when Edwards said concerning his affair.... "This is nothing but tabloid trash"!
Remember when he said..... "I'll take a paternity test to prove the child isn't mine".
I bet the house and won. He is a liar from the top of his head right down to the soles of his shoes.

(This must have gone over real big with the wife)

The National Enquirer - the folks who broke the story about the John Edwards extramarital affair with former campaign aide Rielle Hunter - reports something rather unbelievable now.

The tabloid claims that Edwards is planning to move Hunter and their alleged love child into his family's Wilmington, N.C. neighborhood. Rumors are swirling that a DNA test has been conducted and that it showed Edwards to be the father of Hunter's daughter Frances. (He has made no such announcement.)

(The Enquirer has been covering the Edwards scandal since December 2007 and, like it or not, much of what it has reported has turned out to be true.)

The Enquirer claims that cancer survivor and long-suffering political wife Elizabeth Edwards exploded in rage when her husband told her his plans to move Hunter and her daughter close to their $2.6 million waterfront mansion.

"John's admitted to his family and close friends that he's the father of Frances. He says he wants to be a part of her life and help raise his daughter," a source tells the Enquirer. "Elizabeth was hit with an overwhelming one-two punch.

"She's always figured the child may be John's, but the positive DNA result really floored her. And as if that wasn't bad enough, John told Elizabeth he needed to be in his daughter's life - and that Rielle was moving to North Carolina."

The source said that Elizabeth was so angry that she grabbed a suitcase and started packing.

Unbelievable? You decide.

On "Larry King Live" Wednesday, Elizabeth made it sound like a paternity test hadn't been conducted yet. "My expectation is that at some point, something happens," she said when King asked her about such a test. "I hope that for the sake of this child, that it happens in a quiet way."

At home, "things are going fine," she said. "We're getting the children ready for the new school year. Everything is going smoothly at my house."


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