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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Not Another Jimmy!

We are now witnessing firsthand why Hillary was not selected as Vice President. The Clinton's have to much baggage, their self-centered, and love the limelight. Obama saw this as a threat and he was right. But the throwing of the bone to the Dem's has now bit him on the ass for selecting her as Secretary of State. Something he may not have wanted to do, but was forced upon him to solidify the Dem's as a "cohesive unit". Assuming that were possible.

Enter Bill Clinton. Desperately needing his limelight fix. He made an unannounced and highly unusual trip to North Korea to save two women journalist's (isn't one Jimmy Carter one to many) while the Obama administration was quick to point out he is not there on "official government business".

Now some may say he is there purely for humanitarian reasons. Clinton trying to find two women! ....Somehow pure and humanitarian is not the first thing that comes to mind.
Picture of Clinton with the girl he saved last week.
Rumor has it he paid $200 to save her

Whether these two women were actually on North Korean soil is of no concern to Kim Jung ill (The ill really suits him). They were going to be picked up anyway and used as a bargaining chip to get something. And who do they think they are going to bargain with? The mother of all suckers! The one and only Bill Clinton. The same Bill Clinton that gave them $500 million in 1999 to stop all research on a nuclear bomb. They used the money to build it! I wonder what their going to get this time? Maybe Clinton will sign them up for the Cash for Clunkers Program.

This is a win win for Clinton. If the women are released ( I hope they are) Clinton is back in the limelight and is viewed as a hero. This guy could fall in shit and come out smelling like a rose.

You may not believe anything I just said. But one thing is an undeniable truth. The powers that be in North Korea are liars. Always have been; always will. That said,.. they should get along with Clinton like two peas in a pod.


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