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Monday, January 18, 2010

Shootout in the Bluest of the Blue

This is big.... REALLY BIG

They are now saying the race in Massachusetts is to close to call. Who would have thought a month ago this was even possible? I see this as a win win for Republicans. In the bluest of blue states, even if Brown loses in a tight race, this spells disaster for the Democrats. Reid, Dodd (saw the handwriting), Pelosi, Frank, Specter, Schumer, Charles (should be jail) Rangel, all gone.

I just hope and pray this does not turn into the Minnesota debacle of Stewart Smalley and Norm Coleman. After a trial and months of recounting all the ACORN voters Smalley was seated as Senator. If Brown wins but its real close, look for the Democrats to pursue a recount and use anything and everything possible to prevent Brown from being seated. This man can sink Obamacare.

Watch what happens. When Kennedy died he wasn't even cold yet and the Democrats demanded an immediate replacement. If Scott Brown wins see if he gets the same treatment.


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