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Saturday, February 25, 2012

I can see it now...

The Ford Fungi, the Chrysler Kelp, and the Chevy Protozoa.

Barry proclaimed recently we can make gasoline out of algae.

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This is the rain gauge in my backyard. We picked up two inches of rain in about 20 minutes yesterday.

If you look closely at the bottom and top there is a little algae.

In order to comply with  "my fair share" I'm sending it to Barry.

I'm all for alternative fuels. But Barry talks about it as if we have a choice. Like we could go to Solar Sunoco or Algae Atlantic tomorrow and fill up. The real practicality of his solutions are 2o to 25 years out. We care about the here and now. 


It's like Solyndra in a test tube

We've seen how Ethanol worked out. 10% of Ethanol made from corn is now blended with gas. Sounds great, but taking corn to make fuel creates a more expensive feed for livestock thereby increasing  prices on meat, milk, eggs, etc in the supermarket. Been there lately? That pound of Black Forest Ham I paid $3.29 for just a few months ago at Publix was $5.49 yesterday. Milk (gal's) 2 for $4.00 a year ago, today $3.78 for one gallon. 

So fine, work on alternative fuels, nothing better then watching the Saudi's choke on oil that no longer is in demand. But you better drill baby drill in the meantime because our economy and the security of this nation depends upon people... who... are not to crazy about us.

BTW what's wrong with the Keystone Pipeline? Why not buy from friends instead of enemies? This is a win win for us. Get cheaper oil from Canada and put thousands of Americans to work. Sounds better then Barry's solution.

Pipelines currently in the US.

What's one more?

Red - Natural gas
Green - Refined products
Yellow - Crude oil
Blue - Liquified petroleum gas/natural gas liquids
Purple - Petrochemical


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