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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The best analysis of the Trayvon Martin case you'll ever see

On a tip from Ed Kilbane

This should be mandatory viewing for anyone who has a feeling of uncertainty about the Martin case and gives new meaning to... "His only crime was going to the store to buy a Arizona ice tea and a bag of Skittles"

(If video won't load click post title)

Video 39

Did you see Z kill Martin? Neither did I. Was it caught on a security camera? No. Were there one or more eye witnesses who saw the confrontation from beginning to end? No. Then how can people like Sharpton and others in the black community, who were not within 500 miles of the incident, know with 100% certainty Martin was innocent? Didn't they say the very same thing about OJ?

Their opinions are formulated based on the color of skin not by the facts, evidence, and the rule of law. Not only was Zimmerman vindicated but also the original Police Chief ( Bill Lee ) who was fired after the WH and the DOJ applied political pressure to make an unwarranted arrest.


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