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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Midterm 2014...Haven't felt this good since 2010



Josh Earnest assured us that, no matter the outcome of the election, one thing is certain: It has nothing to do with Barack Obama. “It’s not” about him, Earnest insisted.

Hey Josh...we believed the workplace violence bullshit too! 

This isn't a referendum on Barry?

So that I got this straight the electorate like his policies/scandals so much in a show of support they voted Republican??? My take... this is retribution for the enormous mistake they now know they made in the 2012 election. Electing Barry once was regretful. Twice is unforgivable! 

(Looks like the IRS may have to do some more "auditing")


Without a doubt Harry Reid is the most worthless scumbag in the entire Congress. As a matter of fact he should be in jail.

 The biggest prize for me in the entire election... he will no longer be the Senate Majority Leader.

Thank you God.

I like to send a special thank you to Joe Biden for offering a "helping hand" to Greg Orman.


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