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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Bill Clinton: I've Only Sent Two Emails In My Life

During Hillary's email scandal this side story broke. Odd to say the least.

Think about many emails have you sent and received during your lifetime? Countless right?

I find this story inconceivable even for a Clinton. In his entire life he has sent only two emails even through he was once a governor and a former two term president? One of the emails he claims he sent went to John Glenn (now 93). Wonder if he remembers it? Another was an obscure email sent to American service members abroad while he was serving as President. Okay fine. But it's just beyond one's comprehension there isn't a LITANY of emails, at the very least, starting with Monica. What is particularly hard to swallow (maybe a bad choice of words)... during the impeachment proceedings between Clinton, his attorneys, Ken Star... no emails were exchanged? The former President claims he set up a domain for his staff,, after leaving office but doesn't use email himself?

I think these two emails would be more in line with the one's actually sent.

The first one was to his friend Jeffery Epstein wanting to have sex with under age girls on his orgy island.

The second was to deny the first existed.


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