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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Why Hillary will never be prosecuted

The short sweet answer is it all but assures the next POTUS is a Republican. Nine out of ten don’t even know who O’Malley is and Sanders is a Socialist. This is the reason whatever FBI Director Comey discovers about Hillary's emails the DOJ will dismiss it for the reason cited above. Comey can say or do what he likes except prosecute the case. That job is reserved for the DOJ (Loretta Lynch a "Stedman" clone). The MSM except for FOX will bury, or spin it, by purporting...the FBI director is just another Republican out to get Hillary.

My bet is Lynch will issue a statement along these lines:

“After an exhaustive investigation involving both the DOJ and the FBI we found Hillary Clinton guilty of mismanaging her private email account of which she has expressed deep regret. Furthermore, although her personal email account was mishandled we found no evidence of deliberate criminal intent and at no time was the country’s security in jeopardy.” 

Case closed.
And I hope I'm wrong.

Case in point to justify what I just said.

Remember how they went after Carson on West Point? 

Yet the MSM glossed over the "Lolita Express".

Even though Clinton was in the FAA log book for over a dozen flights!!! 

(If this didn’t stick do you really expect Hillary is going down for her emails? A fine maybe... jail forgetaboutit.)

Should a former U.S. president (or anyone for that matter) be this close to a sex grooming ring of the One Percent? 

Flight Logs Put Clinton, Dershowitz on Pedophile Billionaire’s Sex Jet
Bill Clinton took repeated trips on the “ Lolita Express"—the private passenger jet owned by billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein—with an actress in software porn movies whose name appears in Epstein's address book under an entry for "massages," according to flight logbooks obtained by Gawker and published today (1-22-15) for the first time. The logs also show that Clinton shared more than a dozen flights with a woman who federal prosecutors believe procured underage girls to sexually service Epstein and his friends and acted as a “ potential co-conspirator" in his crimes.

One woman abused on the island by Epstein told the UK Daily Mail Clinton was provided with two women “no older than 17” when he visited Epstein’s island.

Do you consider this a stretch? Remember we're talking about Bill Clinton.

I could see it now if this case ever comes to fruition. 

Wonder if they could get a hold of a dress to give to Ken Starr?

PS: Roger Stone wrote a piece for the DC 1-13-15. This is the last paragraph. 


"All stories like this have a butler. In this case Epstein’s Butler Alfredo Rodriguez, who was arrested and did time for his role of paymaster to Epstein, marked up a copy of Epstein’s little black book for Palm Beach Police showing who Epstein had pandered pre-teen girls to. The list, which I have seen, is mind blowing. It includes a former governor, a billionaire Republican donor, a Prime Minister, a former Senate Majority Leader, a well known lawyer, royalty, socialites and scientists. Kingpin sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein’s take on all this?: “I’m not a sexual predator, I’m an ‘offender.’ It’s the difference between a murderer and a person who steals a bagel.”

According to Stone the biggest mystery is why the George W Bush DOJ gave Epstein a free pass.

 If Bill could get away with this Killary's emails are a piece of cake.

More than a dozen flights on Epstein's private jet. With Clinton's track record think how his utter disregard and reckless stupidity just put himself in yet another dicey situation. Why would an ex-president be associated with pedophile Jeffrey Epstein unless they shared a common interest? Are we to conclude he was on board for sex or trying to talk Epstein into some Whitewater property?

You decide.


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