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Sunday, January 10, 2016

'Is Sean Penn a CIA spy?'

My first thought.  El Chapo is the most wanted guy on the fucking planet. Sean Penn was able to find him but authorities from around the world could not!

Let's face it Penn has an affinity for associating himself with the less desirable of the world.

Chávez and Castro come to mind.

If the story below is true he may not be around for his 56th birthday.

Not to mention legal problems.

Rolling Stone magazine published this photo to substantiate that Sean Penn met with the Mexican drug lord known as El Chapo (Photo: Rolling Stone)

Penn fostered a relationship with Mexican actress Kate del Castillo who had the trust of El Chapo, only then did he agree to be interviewed by the actor.


As news emerged of the peculiar series of events that led to El Chapo's capture, Twitter was ablaze with one question: Is Sean Penn a CIA spy?

The actor met with the world's most wanted drug lord in the jungle to ask him a handful of Hollywood-worthy questions such as 'do you dream?' and 'how would you define yourself?'

And then just hours after the Sinaloa cartel leader was detained by Mexican marines, the Rolling Stone published a lyrical 10,000-word account of their meeting.

Supposedly the entire 'clandestine horror show' - as Penn put it - was part of a research project to develop a Netflix-style drama about Guzmán and his prison break.

Though Penn insists he went to extreme lengths to hide the meeting from authorities, the details have sparked widespread speculation that he was in fact tapped by the CIA to locate the fugitive criminal - just as screenwriters were enlisted to make Argo to free US hostages in Iran in 1979.

Mexican authorities knew about the meeting between Penn and El Chapo in October and were close to launching a raid on him that month but had to abort it because he was with two women and a child. 

The Rolling Stone piece in which Sean Penn documents his daring journey to Mexico to meet up with El Chapo Guzmán, ultimately led to the kingpin's recapture, six months after his elaborate prison break.


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