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Friday, October 28, 2016

BREAKING: FBI says it is reopening Clinton email investigation

The FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton's secret email server has been dramatically re-opened after new messages that 'appear to be pertinent' were uncovered, its director announced Friday.

In a move that sent shockwaves through both presidential campaigns, James Comey said in a letter to Congress that an investigative team is seeking to determine if any of the emails contain classified information and whether any of them are 'significant'. 

With just 11 days until the presidential election, Clinton was on a plane when the announcement was made.

Clinton was in the air, on her way to Iowa when the news of the re-opened investigation broke.

The sense of a new Clinton crisis came as her poll lead collapse to four points in the latest nationwide survey.

Comey said that after learning about the emails he advised the bureau to take 'appropriate investigative steps' to review them.

Comey sent the letter to heads of the of the House and Senate Intelligence Committees, Judiciary Committees and two Appropriations subcommittees that deal with justice issues, as well as the House's Oversight Committee and the Senate's Homeland Security Committee.

'Although the FBI cannot yet access whether or not this material may be significant, and I cannot predict how long it will take us to complete this additional work, I believe it is important to update your Committees about our efforts,' he wrote.

At the top of an early afternoon campaign rally in Manchester, New Hampshire, Trump took a victory lap and congratulated the FBI for deciding to take a second look at the case.

Trump cheered as he hailed the FBI for reopening of Clinton email probe.

'The FBI has just sent a letter to Congress informing them that they have discovered new emails pertaining to the former secretary of state Hillary Clinton's investigation,' he said, as 1,600 people erupted in a chant of 'Lock her up!'

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