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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Trusting the most scandal ridden president of all time

A former federal prosecutor, Comey testified that he took detailed notes of his private talks with the president – a departure from his practice with Trump’s predecessor, President Barack Obama. Comey said he did so because he was “honestly concerned” that the president might lie about what had been said in their meeting.

How it should have went down:

On a side note:

Why is "Hoping you can let this go" such a big deal? 

Yet, Lynch instructing Comey to drop the term 'criminal investigation' and call it a 'matter' gets swept under the rug. Considering this new revelation, and the fact she met Bill on the tarmac, undeniable collusion, when will she appear at a Congressional hearing?

Trump Russia Connection my ass!

The real story is Obama, Lynch, Rice, and the Clinton's tried to rig the election, not the Russians.

Getting back to Comey. A while back Trey Gowdy was grilling him on the WH leaks. Now we find out Comey was part of the problem, not the solution!


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